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How About A Cup of Iron

A Man’s Journey in a Coffee Shop and a cup of Iron to share.

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photo credit: Joanna Bourne via photopin cc

Pull up a seat, let’s talk for a while.
I‘ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can sit a spell.
We all need to take a moment and pause,
Everyone has a story inside us to tell.
As men, we are not keen on sharing,

We are not the ones to open up to each other.
The weather, our jobs even what is on ESPN,
Those are the things we talk about as men.

It is not normal for men to talk about failure,
Shortcomings are off the table, our ego intervenes.
It is not manly or masculine to discuss these things,
Let’s talk about nothing and go our separate ways.

So how are things, you and the wife doing okay?

Always one word answers like ‘fine’ or ‘yeah’,
Deep down you want to talk about your troubles.
Who would ever want to listen about your struggles,
Instead you hide in your shame and everything is okay.

We are not alone in the walk that we choose to take,
Everyone falls and skins their knees or their pride.
Just because we are men does not mean we are fake,
You will always be alone until you open up and try.

There is a code of silence a bro code of sorts.
Nothing leaves this table except for two friends,
No matter what is shared and the stories told.
We are here for each other to help mend fences.

Let me start, I will share my story with you,
Tales of transgressions or financial woes.
You see I am a man just the same as you too,
I just have accepted that I cannot do this alone.

You see we are all the same you and I,
We are all men of mystery and hide our pain.
Even so we do not have to go about it alone,
If we learn from each other we both gain.

So sip on your coffee and take it all in
The next hour or so we are going to spend time.
Time sharing and revealing our stories,
You will get to share yours after I do mine.

Like many I come from a broken past,
With troubles and hurt like everyone else.
I traveled this rocky and narrow path,
Thinking I had to do it all on my own.

One day I wondered whether other men felt the same
Was I the only one lost in becoming the man?
The man in the mirror was slowly changing,
No longer was myself enough I had to have a plan.

His plan was spoken before mine ever was born
As Iron sharpens Iron so one person sharpens.
Sharpens another… maybe I am not so crazy
Thinking that men need each other.

We can only become the leaders of our families
Our communities and churches if we mold,
Mold each other by our experience and abilities.
In turn we shape our future for us to hold.

Our pain and hurt can be lessons learned,
We can prevent other men from the same struggles.
No matter how simple our lessons or how earned,
As men of faith we can lead our lives honestly.

Whether an hour a week or even just a month,
Whatever time we can spend sharpening each other.
The price is small for the valuable rewards
Invest in ourselves and in turn in our brother.

The next time another man invites you to coffee
Or maybe it will be lunch or to play some golf.
Take to heart the genuine opportunity
You may just be the iron that sharpens another.





About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. David Mike

    That was pretty cool. Did you write all of that?