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Shift Your Brilliance – A Book Review

Motivational speaker, award-winning and all around Brillionaire Simon T. Bailey takes his readers through the seven action steps to “ shift ” their brilliance.

The seven action steps to shift your brilliance are detailed in simple relatable steps that anyone can put into gear and ‘Harness the Power of You, INC.’

Shift Your Brilliance

Who is Simon T. Bailey?

A bestselling author of 7 books, Simon T. Bailey’s breakout masterpiece, Release Your Brilliance, published by Harper Collins, was ranked number 17 of the Top 100 books being read by Corporate America, according to His highly anticipated new book, Shift Your Brilliance – Harness the Power of You, Inc., invites readers to shift their thinking, creating a disruption from the norm that ignites creativity, drives productivity and increases accountability.                                 – courtesy of

 The first time I was introduced to Simon T. Bailey was a few years back when I attended an event in Orlando, Florida. This event was  for a network marketing company I had gotten involved with and Simon was one of their guest speakers. I personally became an instant fan of Simon after hearing him speak.  I also made sure to go out of my way to shake his hand and thank him after the event for being such a dynamic speaker and inspiration. Since then I bought and read his book  Release Your Brilliance and now his follow-up book Shift Your Brilliance: Harness The Power Of You, INC.

Shift Your Brilliance is one of those books that once you pick it up and start reading you don’t want to put it down. Simon writes in such as way that as the reader you can relate and feel involved in the learning process. Throughout the book he includes quotes and stories from other authors as well as people he has met or have written to him over the years. By adding the personal style and flair that only Simon can Shift Your Brilliance is a must read for any leaders bookshelf.

The Seven Steps to Shift Your Brilliance
  1. See Differently – change your mindset and the way you look at things everyday.
  2. Harness the Power of You, INC.- You are your own CEO you determine your own bottom line.
  3. Ignite a Fresh Vision – stuck, stale and common, it is time to change your vision.
  4. Fuel Your Mind – unleash your own self-development, invest in your own future.
  5. Take the Wheel – Own your life, become accountable and your own operator.
  6. For 6 and 7 pick up a copy of Shift Your Brilliance today
  7. See number 6

Everyone has heard of the game ‘Simon Says’ that we all used to play as child and well some adults still like to play these games as well.  Anyway there is a brilliant spin on it throughout the book where Simon includes some seeds of inspiration. These  thoughts and seeds are ones that could in turn be tweet-able moments during your journey as you Shift Your Brilliance. With these tidbits of brilliance Simon invites you the reader to “Crack open the door of your mind and let in a fresh wind of possibilities.

Throughout your journey into brilliance you are not alone and the book itself is not your only resource. Simon provides resources to other websites, recommended books as well as other tips and tools along the way to ensure your success. As you read the book and use the resources provided you will begin to notice a change in the way you view your life.  You will begin to have a fresh vision of where you are going. The book is the tool to use like a bottle of Windex on your windshield to gain a clearer view of your future and begin to Shift Your Brilliance to the new you.

As a Christian, it is always an added bonus when you read a book like Shift Your Brilliance, where the author unashamedly speaks of his faith and values. Simon delivers his message with a smile that can almost be sensed from the pages, anyone that knows him knows the smile that I speak of. He has genuine concern for the well-being and welfare of his fellow-man and goes out of his way to make everyone he meets feel like a diamond in the rough. He believes in mentors and values those that have mentored him along his journey and recommends that everyone have a mentor or more along their journey into brilliance as well.

As someone who is a fan of leadership, self-help, motivational and faith-based books I am personally proud to add another book by Simon T. Bailey to my library. That being said I would also like to offer the same opportunity to one of my readers as well. I have personally contacted Simon and we will be providing  a copy of Shift Your Brilliance to one lucky reader that enters below.
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5 Replies

  1. corieclark

    I’m so glad you shared this book! Can’t wait to get one myself 🙂

    1. Thanks Corie, it is excellent I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a shift.

  2. Thank you for bringing my attention to the book. And I’m delighted to discover your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Neil and welcome, I highly recommend this and any book by Simon.

  3. Jennifer Dockery

    I am still fairly new to the whole thought of making my life my life. I have just made it through the day so to speak. I have just recently been trying to take responsibility for my attitude and thoughts about my day and my life. Thanks for this recommendation. I am on the lookout for good authors and books like this.