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How are You Going to Share Their Story?

All of us have a story to tell, some are just looking for the ears to listen. How are you going to share their Story?

How are You Going to Share Their Story?

Some of you may remember shortly after I started SecondIron’s Blog I shared a story about a gentleman I met out in the rain. This man had nothing to offer and yet I had all to gain. He was homeless and looking for company more than a handout. I told his story of how he was needing a few dollars in order to find a place out of the rain to stay. I ran into this same man yesterday.

I will call him Joe, as to not give away his real name that I now know.

I was reading the book Bridge Builders out in the hot sun on the river-walk. As I got up to move to the shade I saw a familiar face coming towards me. Not wanting interaction I turned my back and walked away. His pace was faster than mine and he caught up to and passed me by. As he did he looked at me briefly. He turned and stopped, and quietly said “have we had conversation before?” I acknowledged we had.

Noticing that he had a tool-belt around his waist and a cellphone in his hand. I commented ‘you are doing better than the last time we spoke.’ He cheerfully replied ‘yes, I guess I

Reuniting the Socially Abandoned

There was a story that went viral a few weeks ago that well hit a little close to home.  A young lady in Allentown, PA decided to post a picture of her holding a sign pleading for help in finding her birth mother that abandoned her 27 years ago. Click Here For the Story This got me to thinking, how many other kids that are now adults would take their circumstance to social media in order to reunite themselves with someone who walked away from them many years ago?  It is definitely a less expensive option than having your DNA tested and traced, hiring and investigator or researching vital statics hoping to find a match. But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. – John 1:12 Click To Tweet In a matter of about three weeks and 30,000 shares this young lady in fact found her birth mom and was able to reunite with her after almost three decades.

When the Phone Rings Twice

The phone rang, yet I was not there to answer. A call to “call home” was all that was left, the sinking pit of all my fears overwhelmed my heart full of trepidation.  He does not usually call me, what could he possibly want, wonder what I did this time, the thoughts whirled through my head.  I will just call back later, is what I said to myself, dreading the condemnation that might occur on the other end of the phone. Startled, I must have dosed off or was caught gazing into my own emotional abyss, I jumped a bit when the phone rang again, this time with almost a sense of urgency that could be felt.  I answered bracing myself for the worst, yet hoping for the best.  The voice on the other end trembled as the words were spoken.. ‘it’s your grandfather’. What do you mean grandpa?  I just saw him, we had just talked,