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Why I Resolved not to Make a Resolution this Year

We are a week into the new year and many resolutions have been broken already. The weights at the gym were just too heavy, that piece of pie was giving me the evil eye. You know the drill, resolutions usually well, they usually suck. That is why I resolved not to make a resolution this year and you should too! I know that’s a bit crude and offensive. When is the last time you made a goal on new years and kept it? Exactly!  Just like every other person you woke up with a resolution hangover. I don’t have a resolution hangover, do you? Click To Tweet Instead of taking one day a year to attack everything you think you want to change. Take baby steps, one goal at a time, one day at a time. I know there are many financial coaches and personal trainers cursing me right about now. But you know I am right. Instead of waking up January 2nd, 7th or even February 1st with the realization that you failed at your goals once again. Wake up today and work on them today. Make it better than yesterday, then tomorrow repeat. I resolved not to make any resolutions! Click To Tweet It is not that I am going to wander through this year into next aimless and without purpose. In fact, I bought this awesome calendar and planner from my friend Kelsey to just the opposite! I am just not going to be bound by the statistic that I will break […]

What is Your One Word for the New Year?

Inspired by the One Word concept created by One Word that Will Change Your Life a book by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. I have chosen a new word for 2016. What will your One Word be for the New Year? In 2015 I had chosen Service as my One Word, by setting the expectation up front it gave me a goal for the year. As I reflect on the past year, I believe service was a perfect choice. I pushed my comfort levels and began to be heavily involved with several nonprofits and other organizations within my community. I found myself serving others and utilizing my talents in ways I never had imagined. What One Word will describe your year? Mine will be … Click To Tweet As we move into the new year it is my prayer that I will witness the same power this coming year. I pray that you will be able to find one word that will renew and re-energize your year. My word comes from taking my time and spending it in prayerful communion with my Father. I feel this word has been laid on my spirit, and that it reflects His plan for me over the next year. My One Word for the New Year of 2016 will be Fearless! I have lived my life bound by fear, held prisoner to the opinions of others, 2016 will be the year I break free. By facing my own fears, I will be able to comfort and guide others. […]

High School Reunion

Another High School Reunion is upon me and this time well… A couple of months ago I got an invite to my high school reunion. First there was the Facebook announcement of the tentative dates. Then came the official dates and then  the agenda… First of all… out of all the people who I hang out with from high school…oh that’s right beyond the occasional awkward bumping into someone we don’t stay in touch. We were probably not greatest of  friends then so probably would not be now either. Don’t get me wrong I have fond memories of high school. Being on the swim team, wrestling team. Some not so fond, involving tunnels, wrecking cars, fights and more but I digress. Either way we all went our separate ways on  graduation day. Many of us moved away or just grew apart. Many went straight to college,  got their degrees and work at their dream job. Okay maybe only some of you, the rest are still playing the games. But that is really not much different from how it was in high school. We all wore masks and pretended to be friends. The last reunion was a short five years ago. Not much has changed that has not already been shared on Facebook. It would be just as an  uncomfortable experience now as it was then. The same cliques would hang out together. Certain people will be the life of the party. Others will quietly sneak out early. Nothing has really changed besides marriages, divorces, wrinkles and kids. I won’t  be […]