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High School Reunion

Another High School Reunion is upon me and this time well…

high school reunion

A couple of months ago I got an invite to my high school reunion. First there was the Facebook announcement of the tentative dates. Then came the official dates and then  the agenda…

First of all… out of all the people who I hang out with from high school…oh that’s right beyond the occasional awkward bumping into someone we don’t stay in touch. We were probably not greatest of  friends then so probably would not be now either.

Don’t get me wrong I have fond memories of high school. Being on the swim team, wrestling team. Some not so fond, involving tunnels, wrecking cars, fights and more but I digress. Either way we all went our separate ways on  graduation day. Many of us moved away or just grew apart.

Many went straight to college,  got their degrees and work at their dream job. Okay maybe only some of you, the rest are still playing the games. But that is really not much different from how it was in high school. We all wore masks and pretended to be friends.

The last reunion was a short five years ago. Not much has changed that has not already been shared on Facebook. It would be just as an  uncomfortable experience now as it was then. The same cliques would hang out together. Certain people will be the life of the party. Others will quietly sneak out early. Nothing has really changed besides marriages, divorces, wrinkles and kids.

I won’t  be attending my high school class reunion this time around. I am still the same as I was back then only better. An outsider or maybe outlier, but that is okay. I am me, and that makes me happy. While you are all catching up on the years that have passed. I will be on a retreat in the mountains finishing my degree.

You see the last time we saw each other I had just been laid off, lost my job that day. My hurt was open and I was scared of my future. As in high school most of you never knew the pain. Never taking the time to ask or even notice one another. Passing each other in the hallway, by the lockers we each disappeared. As I  close the chapter many of you closed years ago. I also close the book on those memories we all didn’t share.

I hope you all have a great time-sharing stories of old. I am blessed to have known each of you, even if I went unknown. I am proud of the accomplishments we all share. We have judges, lawyers, writers, doctors, actresses, athletes and more among us. I toast each of you, and wish you all the success the rest or your years.

If our paths cross again, maybe in five, ten or another twenty-five years. I will greet you with a hug and a smile and ask how you have been.

Until then…

As the river flows before us,
We move forward to succeed.
Called to seek our lives victorious,
Words of noble tutors heed.

I would love to hear from you, do you have a high school reunion story you would like to share? Comment below and join the conversation.

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4 Replies

  1. Since I attended a Department of Defense Dependent School in Germany, they hold reunions annually to try and catch everyone from every grade and from every year. I have not attended any of them.

    1. Maybe one day you should … sometimes we need to go back. Thanks as always!