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How Biblical Adoption Changed Me

Adoption is something that is near and dear to every believer’s heart, Biblical Adoption changed my life forever.

Biblical AdoptionEver meet someone who appears to be standoffish?  Maybe the walls they have up are blocking you from getting to know them. Whenever you ask them how they are you get one word answers like ‘fine’ or ‘okay’. They resist seeking relationships, going after goals or things that they want.

Many people consider these behaviors as odd or even antisocial. Hopefully you will recognize that these behaviors may represent more than how they appear.

Do you know someone who hides their own achievements, who would rather remain in the shadows. They separate themselves from the crowds. Usually they don’t care for the spotlight. Even on their own birthdays they  are somber and would rather be left alone.

I am referring to the signs that can be misinterpreted as depression or behavior issues. In fact they are simply signs of adoption. Depending on the age the child was when adopted the signs can become more evident.

I speak from experience as I was adopted as a child. Lived with the feeling that I never really fit in. Always feeling as if there was something missing. Not that there really was, but the longing for more still remained.

Feelings of abandonment and rejection envelopes your emotions. Buried under trust issues and loneliness. The walls get built by bricks of bad memories and hurtful insults. Anger seeps in unexpectedly and consumes your mind. Wondering ‘why me‘ and ‘what if’s‘ drown your ability to love.

Many moments spent in silence are actually simple reflection. Wondering what did I do to deserve being given up. Feeling of unworthiness usurps our successes. We become our own worst enemy in life. We close our hearts, shut down our emotions. At times the emotional torment is worse than even the physical pain we may have endured.

Meanwhile families crumble. We are labeled troubled and beyond repair. We grow up with a stigma of failure. We are full of questions no one has answers to. ‘Normal‘ people don’t understand our issues. Even worse they blame our behavior on being that we are adopted. Even your adopted family members remind you that you are not one of them. Nothing is more painful than being told ‘you are not really family’ or ‘you don’t belong.’

There is one saving grace that someone who feels out-of-place can rely on. I did not find this comfort and solace for many years. You see we are all adopted. Well those that are Christians are. Therefore no matter what bloodline we may come from, our family is formed in the blood of Christ. No matter how uncomfortable we are in our own skin. We all have been adopted by our Heavenly Father, more than any foster family or parent can provide.

In Biblical history, there are many that came before us. Many that became great leaders and yet were adopted just like you and me. Even if society as a whole may not accept us as one of their own, our future is sealed in His words.

Romans 8:15… So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you
received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children.

Galatians 4:5… to redeem those who were under the law, so that we
may be adopted as sons with full rights. …

Ephesians 1:5… He predestined us to be adopted through Jesus Christ
for Himself, according to His favor and will

Romans 9:4… They are the people of Israel, chosen to be God’s adopted children. God revealed
his glory to them. … They are Israelites, God’s adopted children. …

Exodus 2:10… Later, when the boy was older, his mother brought him back to Pharaoh’s daughter,
who adopted him as her own son.

Genesis 50:23… Joseph saw the third generation of Ephraim’s children, as well as the children who
had been born to Manasseh’s son Machir, whom he adopted as his own.

As one can see there is a common occurrence in the Bible of adoption and accepting those as one’s own. With all of this we would think that families would be more accepting of those abandoned. Yet foster homes and the streets are full of God’s children in need of a home.

Adoption is that privilege, bestowed upon those who are united with Christ, and justified by faith, by which they are admitted into the family of God, adopted as his children, and made joint heirs with his own Son.”

I would love to hear your thoughts: Are you adopted, or have you adopted? Have you had similar struggles in adoption that you would like to share? Comment below and join the conversation.



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  1. Thanks for the insight and being so vulnerable.

    1. Something new for me ..but may be more vulnerability to come .. thanks David!

  2. Moved by this. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Steve, tried sharing a little more of me.. thanks for supporting brother!