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Why I Resolved not to Make a Resolution this Year

We are a week into the new year and many resolutions have been broken already. The weights at the gym were just too heavy, that piece of pie was giving me the evil eye. You know the drill, resolutions usually well, they usually suck. That is why I resolved not to make a resolution this year and you should too! I know that’s a bit crude and offensive. When is the last time you made a goal on new years and kept it? Exactly!  Just like every other person you woke up with a resolution hangover. I don’t have a resolution hangover, do you? Click To Tweet Instead of taking one day a year to attack everything you think you want to change. Take baby steps, one goal at a time, one day at a time. I know there are many financial coaches and personal trainers cursing me right about now. But you know I am right. Instead of waking up January 2nd, 7th or even February 1st with the realization that you failed at your goals once again. Wake up today and work on them today. Make it better than yesterday, then tomorrow repeat. I resolved not to make any resolutions! Click To Tweet It is not that I am going to wander through this year into next aimless and without purpose. In fact, I bought this awesome calendar and planner from my friend Kelsey to just the opposite! I am just not going to be bound by the statistic that I will break […]

25 Core Manly Skills Every Man Should Have

In a day and age where gender lines are blurred and chivalry is fading away, there are some basic skills every man should have. Let me preface by saying these skills are not limited to men, but more so should come second nature to us. They are life skills you may or may not have been given or shown by your father or grandfather. As the years go by some of the greatest skills a man could possess are slipping through our fingers. Men are not as present in the lives of their kids these days so some of the skills may need to be self-taught or relearned. Become a Master of Language – Both the spoken and written word have become lost art. Avoid using slang and jargon, master your first language, perhaps even learn a second. Be a Reader – Reading will add to your arsenal of topics both at the water cooler, the bar or over dinner. Read the classics, history and self-improvement. Read more than just the articles in Sports Illustrated or Field & Stream. Pick up a Hobby – Men that are all work and no play are well boring to be around. Learn to fish, hunt, woodworking, or whatever. By adding versatility in your life, you become more interesting. Be Date-able – This goes for married and single men alike. Married men, date your wives, date your daughters, show them how much they mean to you. Single men, have respect for yourself and those you might date. Another notch […]

Home Away is Our New Way to Stay

As I write this I am a bit sore and tired from a busy few days of vacation. Sore from all the adventures, tired from all the much-needed sleep. Sounds terrible doesn’t it, I mean how awful to spend a few days with no agenda, fresh water to swim in and plenty of sunshine in December? We decided to take a quick four-day getaway before all the holiday festivities were upon us. Being that we are dog owners we always try to find places where we can take them along as well. My wife did a little bit of research on the Web and found a site called Home Away. Home Away is where people open up their homes or other real estate to be rented as a vacation rental. After spending some time and numerous emails we found our destination over on the Gulf Coast of Florida near Pensacola on the Santa Rosa sound. We packed up our two dogs and hit the road for about a five-hour trip to the other side of our home state last Thursday. After traveling the entertaining stretch of I-10 (anyone that knows the stretch knows that is a stretch) we arrived at our destination in a small town of Mary Esther tucked in between Fort Walton and Pensacola Florida. We were greeted by our host Steve and our dogs soon to be best friend, his dog Cooper. Steve showed us the two bedroom cottage that would be our home away for the next few days along with […]