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How the Children of Haiti Slowly Soften My Heart

As the men shared scriptures with the children of Haiti, little did I know who was being taught.

We shared our assigned stories along with our own testimonials and the way the stories impacted our lives. I spoke about young David and the way he overcame fear much like I had over the past few years. To watch the children as their eyes lit up, they knew the scriptures as well if not better than we did.

To break up the bible studies we played soccer with the kids. It was incredible to witness the innocent joy a game of unorganized soccer provided. Even as the heat rose in excess of 100 degrees they did not complain. One of the boys after reciting his favorite bible verse Psalm 23 in its entirety won one of the soccer balls to keep. We promised he would get it when we returned the next day.

As we left Canaan we headed back down the bumpy roads towards Port-au-Prince. We stopped to get something cold to drink at the local grocery children of haitistore. Their stores are much like ours minus the armed security at the entrance and the clerks that followed your every move. We grabbed some Gatorade and real Cokes (real sugar in glass bottles) and headed towards the mission house.

On the way to the mission house we stopped to pick up the pick up the beans, rice and pasta for the next day. Tony our translator knew a guy where we could get a better price. Once we loaded the van’s roof of bags of pasta, rice and beans down a side alley, we headed to our destination.

The mission house has plenty of rooms for all of us and then some. Most importantly it had cold water to drink and A/C that worked. We relaxed for a bit before heading down for dinner.

After dinner of an unknown meat variety we spent the next couple of hours dividing up food for the next day. We made bags of rice,beans,pasta, bouillon and cookies for each family. One of the members with us was a worship leader and played some music we may or may not have sang along to.

After bagging up all the food we called it a day and turned in. Having been up for nearly 48 hours, sleep was easy to come by for me.

I will go where you send me the ends of the earth just say the word and I’ll go.

We woke up early the next morning for breakfast before church. More to come at church on the mountain.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    Wait … you left me hanging on the edge of a precipice! Looking forward to the “rest of the story”.

    Excellent read, by the way.

    1. Stay tuned for the rest of the series .. this is just part 2 …