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7 Ways Chivalry Won’t Die

7 ways chivalry won't die, chivalry, old fashionedBeing an old-fashioned gentleman is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact if every man used a dose every now and then, maybe then chivalry won’t die.

A couple of weeks ago I took my bride to see ‘Old Fashioned‘. While many people flocked to see 50 shades of grey I chose some old-fashioned chivalry.

Now I am not a perfect man by any means. I can say that I do try though. Being raised in the south. I would like to think I was raised right.  I learned manners and respect at a young age. I watched how my dad treated my mom and how his dad treated his mom.

I am one of those people who says ‘thank you’ when you refill my sweet tea, and yes only sweet tea will do. If you happen to sneeze, automatically you get a ‘God Bless you!’ Not only because it is polite but because I truly pray He will.

When I say ‘ya’ll’ i am being inclusive not ignorant. If I open the door or pull out your chair. It is not because I think you are incapable. It is because I am able and respect you. As a man I will continue to do the same until I am no longer able.

I stopped to pick up some barbecue at my local Sonny’s a few nights ago. As we left the pick up window I opened the truck door for my wife. A middle age colored gentleman stopped me. ‘ Wow that is rare, you make me proud!’ He explained how kids these days have no respect. I politely responded ‘I have opened it for her for the past 12 plus years and will always do the same.’ You see chivalry is not dead, least not yet.

If men would set the example for their future generations. We would not be concerned about our country’s future. Somewhere along the way we have gotten off track. The current generation it somehow has become cool to not be gentlemen. What a shame that our future lies in the hands of saggy pant wearing kids in men’s bodies.

Maybe if we turn to quality movies and books. Begin to read about the likes that exemplify a real man. Men like David, Samuel and more. Only then, when men put back on their spiritual armor. Where men begin to behave like men again. Then we can truly enjoy the old-fashioned ways of our fathers and grandfathers.

Steps you can take to keep chivalry alive:

  • Open doors for ALL women not just your wife or mother.

In today’s world this trait is lacking with all the independent women and lazy men. Truth is it is not a sign of weakness, but more respect that I hold the door for you.

  • Treat them with respect both publicly and privately.

Men get over yourself, the days of being rude, abusive and downright crude are over. No need to cuss at or around a lady, or be disrespectful in any way. If you respect her, generally she will return the favor.

  • Protect your heart from your wandering eyes.

With temptation and porn addictions going rampant. Just because they may not be built like they used to does not give you the right to objectify them.

  • Use manners everywhere towards everyone.

As a man it is your responsibility to set the example. A little courtesy and good manners goes along way. This goes for when you are around your lady or away. We cannot be chameleons and behave differently depending on if she is watching. Be a gentleman always.

  • Walk on the outside down the sidewalk.

I know this sounds silly and old-fashioned. Your job on this earth is to protect her from harm. Even the simple things like walking towards the outside of the sidewalk shows that you honor and protect her.

  • Spend time with her family (and yours) together.

Respect her family and be willing to spend time with them. They raised her to be the woman who you love, respect them enough to spend time and appreciation. It’s okay to spend some time with your family too, just not as much time (cut the apron strings boys).

  • Treat your woman like a queen, as she is.

She is God’s daughter as you are His son’s. In order to be heirs to his kingdom in Heaven we must treat other right here on earth. She is one in a million and you should treat her as such every day.

I will continue to exemplify chivalry in my actions and words. We are the generation that sets the expectations of the next. We may no longer wear coats of armor and go into battle. However there is a daily battle for the hearts of our wives.

Wear the spiritual armor and be the man you were made to be. Honor, love, courtesy and respect. These are the traits that make you the man you were born to be, better yet the one they want you to be.

Now its your turn, do you think chivalry is alive and well or is it dead and gone? Share your thoughts and comments below and join the conversation.



About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

12 Replies

  1. Alive, however I will admit with electric locks, I don’t open the car door. All other doors though.

    1. Awesome David, at least it is still thriving.. thanks brother!

  2. I love this! I am sharing this with both of my brothers right now! Thank you for this gem 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing, your brothers will thank you and so will the ladies in their lives.

  3. These are wonderful things to do. Really, it’s about being respectful and polite. More people need to follow this.

    1. It all really does start with respect and being polite they are the building blocks of any good relationship or society. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Love this post! It’s always nice to hear there are still gentlemen in this world! Having good manners is important to me and instilling that in my children.

    1. Instilling it when they are young will last a lifetime. I naturally followed the exampled set for me, which is unfortunately the case for many that are not gentlemen as well.

  5. Absolutely, chivalry is timeless!

    1. Timeless yet slowly fading away and needs a restoration for it to last.

  6. Good for you! I love chivalry and hope it never dies!

    1. One man at a time, and one woman that appreciates it at a time and it will never die.