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Chosen For Purpose – A Book Review

Chosen For Purpose - Buy it Now Chosen for Purpose: Overcoming Giants and Living Your Dreams written by Danya Bickham is the recently released book from the author of ‘No More Lies‘. The anticipated new release Chosen for Purpose is written especially for those that are trying to figure out their dreams and purpose.

Written using the scriptures and story of David at its’ core Chosen for Purpose takes us on a transformational journey. This journey includes:

  • Understanding the Role of Your Personality
  • Individual Identity versus Tribal Identity
  • The Value of Battles
  • Reconciling Your Past to Press Into Your Future
  • Building the Skills it Takes to Overcome Giants
  • Learning to Dream Again
  • and more…

Danya digs into the Biblical story of David in a way that goes beyond the common story of David and Goliath that we all know. We all are faced with challenges and hurdles in our lives that can be giants in our path that deter, detract and at times derail us from our purpose.

She takes us through the journey of David from being the young shepherd boy to the hero that we all have read about to the leader hiding in caves that others follow because his purpose was chosen for him.

Chosen for Purpose is brimming with scripture passages as well as the author’s own quotes that make it a great resource for quotations and reference.  There is a workbook that the author created to supplement the book and can be used as a small group discussion tool.

The raw honesty and real life interpretation of the story of David is one that we can all relate to no matter what walk of life we are in.  Many of us wander through our lives living day-to-day to just make it to the next without any real direction.

This book shares the path we can take to pick up our own stones to slay our own giants in our lives.

As you journey through the life of David there is a path that is weaved throughout the book for you to take to explore your own personal purpose. This path builds upon itself until you have been given all  the tools to determine your own purpose and to chase down your dreams.

We learn to identify our purpose as well as God’s promise for us; the latter may surprise you when you discover your true calling.  Along the way there will be obstacles but we too must walk out onto our own battlefields and slay our own giants.

We are  given the tools and pointed in the right direction  to chase our dreams, but we also must be willing to do the work.  In this book the author lays out a step by step plan of action to chase down our dreams.

We were chosen to live our purpose and with both the book and the supplementary workbook we have been provided the tools to do just that. “Now go.  You have work to do. Live your purpose. You chosen one you.”

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Also available for purchase the Chosen for Purpose the workbook is available at most bookstores and retailers where books are sold.

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  1. Dawnita Fogleman

    Will have to add this one to my wishlist! Thanks for the review. Blessings!

    1. cjohnstonjax

      Thanks for stopping by, I recommend this book to anyone. Be sure to enter to win a copy to add it to your wish granted list!

  2. Thanks for the review. I look forward to reading this.

    1. Charles Johnston

      Thanks for stopping by Rick, I would definitely add this to your ‘to read’ bookshelf. Best of luck !

  3. Anne-Marie Gosser

    I would like to win because right now this is where I am at in life.

    1. Charles Johnston

      Thanks for stopping by Anne-Marie, best of luck in the contest and continued blessings in finding your chosen purpose and chasing your dreams.