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Think You Know How to Get a Close Shave (Review)

There is something visceral about having a razor scrape clean across your neck as you get a close shave. Leaving the skin smooth as butter, yet one slip and imminent death.

It used to be that men would go to the local barbershop for a shave. Putting our trust in another man as he puts a straight razor to your neck took courage. One slip and your jugular would become exposed. All you have to do is watch most any old western to see what I mean.

Recently I came across a product made here locally in Jacksonville that gives a similar type shave. I shave normally alternating between my electric Mancanics, Shave, Shaving Cream, Riverside Arts Marketrazor and a disposable depending on the kind of shave I want. One thing about disposables I took for granted was the shaving cream I used. I looked for the cost efficient way of keeping things clean. That is until now.

I was at the Riverside Arts Market a couple of Saturdays ago. As I perused the usual wares of homemade items, produce and mostly goods geared towards women. I stumbled across a merchant tents that caught my eye. Mancanics, shaving products for men. A bit skeptical I stepped in under their tent and looked around.

After spending several minutes talking to the founder Corey and learning about his line of masculine goods. He educated me on the importance of the proper blend of ingredients, such as essential oils that went into making his line of products. I left the market with some all natural shaving cream, after shave and lip balm in a strong box inside a black bag.

I did not know what to expect. The next day I pulled out my trusty disposable and went to work with the shaving cream. It left my skin smooth and clean. Following it up with the Bay Rum After Shave, rather than most aftershaves that burn its base being witch hazel I felt my pores tighten.

Mancanics After Shave will reduce skin irritation when applied after shaving with our Mancanics All Natural Shaving Cream. The witch hazel base that we use will close pores and kill bacteria on contact. Available in 4 different fragrances: Amber + Oak, Bay Rum, Fresh Mint, Sandalwood + Amber.

I started to wonder what difference it would make if I tried a different technique. A repeat customer under the tent the same time I was had recommended using a brush for a better lather. I bought a bowl and brush along with a double edged safety razor to give it a try.

What a world of difference it makes using products that are made for the job.

If you want it done right, the proper tools are worth the cost. I am still shave box, shaving cream, lip balm, after shavelearning the skill of using a real razor, not sure if I will ever be bold enough to use a straight one uncovered. However, now that I have used butter instead of cream I believe there is no going back.

Be sure to visit Mancanics website, find them on Facebook or if you live in Northeast Florida shop local at the Riverside Arts Market, the Jacksonville International Airport or various other locations and events in the area.

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