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Coachable Moments

Coaching can be a slippery slope if the coach and coachee are on different pages. Being the coach or better yet being coachable can make all the difference in someone’s future. There are some simple tips that make the coaching relationship seamless and beneficial to all.

Be Comfortable

We can only lead and coach from our own comfort zone.  If your heart is not in it your coachee will know.  Transparency is key to coaching properly.

Feed Feedback

Build your coachee up rather than break them down.  Using positives instead of negatives will induce engagement.  Positive coaching creates a culture of confidence.


Tell your story, everyone has one, use it as a teaching tool.  Your own mistakes become lessons.  Opening up and sharing your heart will build trust.

Input and Advice

Keep your coaching private, this is not something to share with others.  Be real, no pulling punches no one wins that way.  Share the truth, be candid and open with your coachee.  Privacy is key to maintaining coachabilty and trust.

Gratitude in Attitude

Recognize achievements, keep ongoing praise to continue involvement.  Appreciate the moment, be gracious in the wins, humble in the failings.  Be sure to acknowledge the coachee even in the small successes.

Be real in your coaching, strive to encourage them every step of the way. Coaching is a privaledge be humble in serving as a mentor to another.

If you do not have a coach, find one, seek someone you respect and ask them if they would like to meet for coffee or lunch (make sure you buy).

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If you are a coach, offer your experience and services and always remember even the greatest of coaches probably had a coach.  Share your moments and lessons and remain teachable as one day the student may become the master.


About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Great thoughts Charles. A key aspect of coaching listening, patience, and giving. These are good pointers that I need to learn and cultivate as God is calling me to grow my vocation as a coach. I also wrote about these coaching questions Marshall Goldsmith uses here. Hope you find it helpful.