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How to leave your worries at the comfort cross.

comfort cross collageHow to leave your worries at the comfort cross.

We all need a reminder at times to be more prayerful.  Many of us spend our days worrying, when we can leave our worries at the comfort cross.

Recently I came across a creative person with an Etsy shop. I have seen Etsy shops, even have the app on my phone. Yet there was always hesitancy to invest in others dreams. I found one item that really was creative and thoughtfully made.The Comfort Cross by Perfectly Loved Creations was that one that caught my eye.

After several conversations with the artist who was more than patient with me. I decided to take a gamble and place an order of crosses as gifts. I ordered four crosses in total. One for my father-in-laws upcoming baptism. One for my mother-in-laws birthday. One for my bride and even one for myself.

Each cross was detailed with their individual colors and scriptures. Even with all the details, I was still a bit nervous.

When I received the crosses as promised and on time. I could not wait to open them, I had to be discrete as three of them were the gifts. They were beautiful, each with a handwritten note from their creator. Each piece that I had made was not only crafted with love, but prayed over for the person receiving it.

I gave my wife hers on Easter, that way I could openly use my own as well. A couple of days later my mother-in-law got hers for her birthday. Finally I was able to give the last one away yesterday at the baptism. They were all thrilled with the creativity, personalization and inspiration they held in their hands. The quality is solid and the appearance second to none.

I look forward shopping with other Etsy artist in the future. My first experience has been such a delight. If you are looking for that special gift that will be remembered, I highly recommend the Perfectly Loved Creations store be you your first and possibly last stop for your gifting needs.

Have you ever ordered from Esty? Is there a personalized product that you have either given, received or made that you would like to share? Comment below and join the conversation.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

2 Replies

  1. The comfort cross is a wonderful reminder to “pray without ceasing” without being too obvious. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and goes with me everywhere (in my purse, when not being carried). I keep it on my desk during working hours to remind me that with God, NOTHING is impossible. It is a comfort and a gentle reminder that God created, well, EVERYTHING, and there is no reason to worry. He will provide and care for His people. Thank you for such a thoughtful and loving gift!

  2. I own one of these comfort crosses from Perfectly Loved Creations. It is beautiful, and perfectly made, just for me. I asked the artist if she could make one for my left hand. She gladly did. I love it, and use it often.