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Deciding to Follow and Became a Rhett’Neck

A night of worship has proven to be more of a blessing than every anticipated.

As a music aficionado I am particular as to the concerts that I choose to attend and usually will try to get VIP, early access seats when possible as I don’t enjoy long lines and they tend to make the event more memorable.

Rhett, rhett walker

So was the case this weekend as I had procured VIP meet and greet early access tickets to see The Rhett Walker Band in concert.  I had tickets for both myself and my wife and we had planned to attend.  Apparently there were some different decisions being made as my bride fell ill and was unable to attend.  Out of the kindness of her heart and against the resistance of mine she convinced me to attend the show on my own.

I am one of those married men that do not have many other male friends and I do not usually go anywhere social without my wife in tow, I mean by my side.

However this evening I decided to go anyway, and figured I would just give away her ticket to someone and bless them in kind.  After calling everyone I thought might enjoy a  night out I ended up going to the show by myself with two tickets in hand.

The evening started out as any normal show, I arrived at the Murray Hill Theater and the VIP holders were swept inside early as promised.  I found my seat for the evening of worship, comfortably on a couch that had been added to the venue since I had last attended a show.

In my heart, I was having a moment of uncomfortable emptiness wishing my bride was with me and having a strong urge just to go home.  Just at that moment another couple Janet and Tom, that I had met briefly outside asked if they could take the seats next to me on the couch, and I obliged.

We got to talking, which is out of character for me, especially as a lone wolf, but regardless we talked.  We shared stories, our passions and discussed how we both believed in how God places people in our lives at just the right moment.  If they only had known how this empty vessel was relieved at the fellowship to pass the time before the show.

The show opened up finally with a local artist by the name of Pamela Affronti, She had a beautiful, angelic voice as she sang about icons, interdependence.  She spoke from the heart, and the lyrics of her songs were from her personal missions and experiences.  She briefly talked about going to Haiti and wishing to change the infrastructure there.  “God’s people in the street, as you are on your knees asking God why”.  She sang of Boldness and then closed out her set with the title track of her new upcoming CD titled “The Cause”.  Like many artist she humbly mentioned that she had the CD for sale in the back for a ‘pay what you like’ offering.

murray, rhett

Next to the stage was another local artist by the name of Joshua 

Wicker , who sang from the heart of what seemed to be a somewhat tormented past that was saved.  He sang with lyrics “Laid on the kitchen floor and spoke in tongues” as he was suffering from a broken heart.  He spoke of his family and the separation of his parents.  A solid set of tracks mixed with humor and songs like ‘Septembers’ and  ‘Burn’ .

During the brief intermission, Tony the owner of Murray Hill got up on stage and spoke about the 19 year history of the club.  He expressed his gratitude to the volunteers as well as the 2 and a half employees that make all things possible as well as the bands and most of all the patrons.  He exemplified a true Godly owner as it was all about everyone else and not him.  He chose to celebrate his birthday thanking everyone else for blessing his life.

As the stage was being changed out the track “God’s gonna cut you down” by none other than Johnny Cash started playing.  Rhett Walker Band opened their set with Gonna Be Alright.  Next was Can’t Break Me and then a new song of their upcoming album “Back Where We Started From.”

The band then went into a fantastic rendition of ‘Have you ever seen the rain’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  About half way through the song they invited someone who could sing to join them.  A young lady by the name of Kala was courageous enough to join them onstage. After getting over her ‘wanting to die’ she proved that she had some pipes as she belted out the lyrics.

The band continued with their set with Brother‘  and then Rhett talked to the crowd about the getting out of God’s way, “Get out of the way and let me take over.”  He spoke about how we all try to handle life and all the things within it meanwhile we are being told ‘I’ve got this.’  It sometimes takes living the life of hell before we realize that He does have it.

The guys wrapped up their set with ‘Where mercy found me’, ‘ All I need’, another cover of God’s favorite song  ‘Simple Man‘ a capella style.  Also a new song ‘Dead Man‘ that is just awesome, as well as ‘Come to the River and the last track which is the Rhett Walker Band’s creed off their upcoming album with the lyrics “Jesus aint worried, tattoos and cigarettes, wear a gold cross around your neck what about lovin your neighbor, not the man i used to be.” May not have gotten that exact as I was rockin out rather than writing it all down at the time.

RhettWalkerBand, rhett walker band


By the end of the show it was obvious that I had made the right

So guys if you get the opportunity to spend an evening with The Rhett  Walker Band in the future, I highly recommend taking in the show even if it means leaving your wife at home.decision to hang out with a bunch of Rhett’necks for the night.  Granted I missed having my wife with me, but I would have missed out on a great show, meeting some incredible people and most of all the opportunity to share worshiping with a bunch of strangers in an old movie theater.

Question: Have you ever left your spouse at home and were blessed that you did?


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