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Everyday Carry Hank Worth Carrying

A handkerchief also known as a “Hank” has renewed an old tradition of a man’s everyday carry option.

old school gps hank, #edc

I remember my grandfather would never be found without a hank in his pocket. A tradition passed down to my dad and at one point attempted to be passed down to me. I have numerous white hanker chiefs buried in my sock drawer. Usually, they only see the light of day on weddings or funerals where tears likely would be shed.

Over the past few years, I started carrying bandannas instead of a hank for everyday use. That is until I was introduced to a real hank, now the bandannas will get lost in the drawer as well.

Men, in general, are messy humans; we need hanks to manage our daily lives. Whether it be for a bloody, I mean a runny nose, or perhaps to wipe the wing sauce out of our beards or the grease off our hands. We usually need a way to clean ourselves on a regular basis and at times even the slobber of our best friend, our dogs.

Recently I was introduced to handmade hanks that take everyday carry to a whole new level. Instead of a thin bandanna that gets dirty easily, these hanks are durable, double-sided and stylish. Even if the hank remains clean all day, it provides a perfect place for the end of the day pocket dump.

I sometimes shy away because I don’t want to be too ‘showy-offy’ but the older I get I think, ‘You have a handkerchief, put it in your pocket.’ ~ Jude Law

You see men carry a lot more in our pockets than most realize. Between knives, tools, and other essentials our pockets can become cluttered unless we minimize. One way to keep these essentials concealed and protect our upper thigh at the same time is with a hank.

best friend hank, #edc

I recently ordered two designs of hanks from a new company Anchor Hanks that takes their hanks as seriously as their pride in being made in America. These hanks are double-sided, finely stitched and of durable materials to last for years to come. I look forward to the new handpicked designs that are shared on Instagram. I cannot wait to increase my own personal collection of hanks.

If you or someone you know needs a high-quality hank to carry either in their pocket or purse, or perhaps even dress up a sports coat, I recommend Anchor Hanks. Let them be your first and only stop for your everyday carry hank needs.

Do you have an everyday carry product that you cannot do without? I would love to hear about them; perhaps they too will be added to my repertoire.

If you happen to have an EDC product that you would like to be reviewed, feel free to contact me directly. These handkerchiefs were not sponsored; they were simply so impressive I felt others should know about them.

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2 Replies

  1. Candace Crosby

    An interesting read, and yes, I remember my grandfather and my father carried handkerchiefs. Even though I have seven brothers, that was one family trait that was NOT passed down. Too bad, because obviously, they come in very handy (especially when one has several children that constantly need to be “wiped off”).