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Faith at Work in Progress


faith at work, work in progress

Is it a challenge to be a Christian in the workplace?

Many people hide their faith and beliefs at work as they are terrified of being ostracized, picked on or possibly even fired.  Why should we be ashamed of the one thing that gets many of us through the day?

Now I am not saying that we need to be Bible beating witnesses that preach to our co-workers and have a crucifix on our desk.  We all need to be sensitive to the religion and beliefs of others that may differ than ours.  I am sure it would probably bother you if someone adorned their desk with fish, peace signs and Stars of David as well.

However, our actions can be a reflection of our faith even if our cross is hidden beneath the collar of our shirt.

Personally, I have found if you treat others with humble generosity, and are polite and polite, faith will shine through.  Whether it is through simple gestures that many associate with being chivalrous such as opening doors for others, waiting for others to enter or exit a room or elevator.  Maybe you quietly bow your head and bless your food before you eat in the cafeteria, a potluck even when you eat alone at your desk.

You know what you believe and you can be the mirror that shines and brightens someone else’s day without saying a word.  Do you say ‘Bless you’ if a co-worker sneezes?  What if they are an atheist do you still bless them?  Of course you do and 9 times out of 10 they will say ‘thank you.’

When it comes to failures and mistakes at work do you condemn the other person?  “Every poor performance is an opportunity for encouragement.” – Jeffrey Gitomer. We have many times throughout our workday that we can be a blessing to our co-workers.  Imagine a world where after a rough day they go home and pray because you prayed with them when they were hurting.

“If you are insulted because of the name of Christ you are blessed for the Spirit of glory and God rests on you.” 1 Peter 4:14

Some people will turn their back on you as you walk in faith at work.  That is to be expected, many turned their backs on Christ and the disciples and yet many more were saved.  If we live a life that is a true reflection of Christ, others will want to know about it too.

There are simple things you can do that are conversation starters too, if you are comfortable having a conversation that is.  I personally wear an “I am Second’ lanyard that holds my badge and most days have a bracelet on as well.  I have had countless conversations in the elevator, in the break rooms, everywhere I go where people ask ‘Why are you second?’ .. conversation started.

If we live our lives unashamed both in our homes, communities as well as our workplaces there is no limit to relationships we will form.  By leading my example we show our true faith and beliefs by allowing our lives shine bright.  You will be surprised as to the impact one person can have on an entire community just by sharing their heart everywhere they go.

For more information on the I Am Second Movement please visit , join the movement, order the books, let’s change lives together.

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Question: How do you share your faith at work?


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