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We Are All Fishers of Men

We were all made to be fishers not only of the sea but fishers of men, we are set to cast our nets and pull in our brothers that have gotten lost at sea. We sit in the pews of our church’s looking for redemption, salvation and something to believe in.

We are filled by the Holy Spirit and are on fire as we sing our praises to change the world.  As soon as service ends we rush  back out into the world and our fire passes as an adrenaline rush and we become numb.

We sink back into our routines of yard work, school work, getting prepared for the work week, NASCAR or football on TV, whatever is on tap for our Sunday afternoon.   Our families are the only things we tend to pray for when we bend our knees that night in preparation of the new week.  Within hours the fire that was inside us has dulled to a mere glimmer, a spark to stoke just to keep lit until next Sunday.

As men we were made for more than just being pew sitters on Sunday and then to cover up our faith with our ties and suits the rest of the week.  

We tend to find that when we are around our co-workers, neighbors and friends it is not cool to share the gospel or talk about our faith.  We would rather discuss current events, gossip around the water cooler and make crude jokes than talk about the bible or offer encouragement to our brothers.

If we take a good hard look at our society today, we can’t help but notice a trend.  In the 1960’s the Supreme Court handed down their decision where school officials could no longer organize or lead prayers or Bible reading in public schools.  The 1960’s were also known as the ‘New Frontier’ and yet the issues that existed then still remain today.  We are still fighting issues of racism, sexism and there is still no place for prayer within our public schools.

Our country has been on a steady and rapidly increasing decline in moral values and faith guided leadership.  Whether it is in our schools, companies, government or even in our families the values that were once a norm are now virtually obsolete.

Men no longer are apt to take the leadership role in guiding their families in their faith.  A large percentage of men today would rather stay home than join their family at church on Sundays.  Those that do go to church leave what they learned sitting in the pew the rest of the week.

Being built-in God’s image is not limited to the physical aspects that fisherman, fishing, fishers of menwe see in the mirror, they also include what is in our hearts.  We were made to be fishers not only on the rivers, lakes and shores but also to set out to be fishers of men.

Don’t be afraid to show the world your faith, we were made for more than being armchair quarterbacks in our communities.

As Christian men we have the responsibility to take the message that sets us on fire on Sundays out into the streets and be disciples in our own neighborhood and community.  When we spread the word to the least of these in our own community we continue to spread the one message that we have been given the message of Love.

This can be done by simply showing that you care, you do not have to empty your wallet to help someone, all you need to do is empty your heart and show them God’s love.

If we are willing to take the message beyond our own fears and doubts and unashamedly proclaim the gospel, we will continue to fight the good fight of faith and in turn restore our communities.   For it is in our communities that we profess our faith and witness to those around us and use our faith to manifest the life and love of God.

As a Christian man it can be difficult at times to find ways to comfortably express our faith and share the gospel with others.

Maybe your way of expressing is through the simple actions of praying with your friends before a meal.  Or possibly being the hands and feet in your community and inviting your buddies to join you as you feed the hungry or simply pray with the homeless.

Sometimes events within your own community are an easier way of connecting with others rather than on a one on one situation.  I challenge you men to step outside your comfort zone, check out the upcoming events in your area for Christian programs.

It does not matter what the event is, it can be a concert or conference where you can get refueled by music or speakers that share your beliefs.  For example I will be attending an upcoming Promise Keepers event in my area in a little over a week to help challenge my faith and role as a Christian male in my community.

fisherman, fish, fishing, fishers of men

Maybe your community is blessed to have a local version of the prayer walk that I participated in this past weekend called God Belongs in My City, where we peacefully walked and prayed for our city, our government and all that are within it to be healed with God’s blessing.

Whatever the event is, men it is time to get off the couch; become an active leader in not only your family but your community.  If we have more men setting the example and being unashamed of their faith we can reverse the degradation and correct the moral compass of generations to come.

We can no longer be satisfied with the status quo and allow our neighborhoods and communities be overrun with crime, strip clubs, human trafficking and various other forms of spiritual defeat.

 It is time we don the armor that the Bible promises us and become the warriors we were born to be.

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

3 Replies

  1. David Mike

    Sometimes church is used for a spiritual recharge that usually fizzles out by midweek. If it even lasts that long. Recognizing God in every moment, so much so that others are drawn to Him, is our calling. (I’m still letting Him work on me in this area, not there yet!)

    1. Charles Johnston

      So true David, many times we fizzle out and need more than a bit of spark from the pew on Sunday to keep us fired up and on fire.