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God Belongs in My City Takes to the Streets

The highly anticipated yearly prayer walk God Belongs in My City returns to Jacksonville, FL this coming Saturday August 15th at 9 a.m.

God Belongs in My City began in 2009 in New York, and has since spread all over not only this country but other parts of the world. It has become a grassroots movement in which Christians from all denominations and backgrounds declare that God truly does belong in their cities. Where else will you find churches from all over a city tear down the walls that separate them and come together in one unified prayer of healing and protection over their city.

There is a call to fearlessly rise up as one and not collapse under the waves of this world. We are commissioned to carry forth the Gospel of Salvation!

What started out as a cry out against an atheist movement in one city has become so much more. Our youth are in danger of their own generation. OurGod Belongs in My City Takes to the Streets communities are collapsing from the inside. Every city is under attack and we have declared spiritual warfare with the enemy and will take our streets back. Uniting churches of all faiths as one church, God Belongs in My City will declare victory over the crime and injustices of this world.

God Belongs in My City Jacksonville has taken the mission one step further as they believe there is more to be done than praying over the city. They, under the guidance of Alan Diaz have created a street ministry team focused on community outreach. They have taken the mission to the community by visiting local churches, neighborhoods and other venues sharing the gospel with the youth of Jacksonville.

This Saturday at 9 a.m. hundreds will gather in His name and pray over the city of Jacksonville, Fl. As a community of believers that feel that the crime has gotten out of hand, our city leaders need our help. God Belongs in My City Jacksonville invites every Christian in the city to come out to Treaty Oak Park on Prudential Drive and walk with them, pray with them.

The walk will start at Treaty Oak, go over the Main Street Bridge where they will pray over the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office and the Duval County Jail. They will then proceed back to Treaty Oak where there will be Christian goods and wares available. God Belongs in My City is focused on living out the gospel Acts 4:32 in which they answer the “call to be of one heart and join in support of one another spiritually, financially and physically as we reach the SOULS in our Communities with the message of Salvation through the love of Jesus Christ for the Kingdom of God.” Will you join them in this mission?

“This year’s walk is so crucial considering the number of murders and crime involving our cities youth. I believe in the power of prayer. The walk is about encouraging youth not to spew hate but to love one another, turn to prayer and acts of peace versus acts of hate,” said Alan Diaz the Jacksonville Prayer Walk organizer and founder of United Jacksonville.

God Belongs in My City is a movement and outreach that spans the globe. The Prayer Walk on August 15th is a continuation of the journey started five years ago in Jacksonville. For five consecutive years hundreds have marched the streets declaring that God Belongs in My City. Come out to Treaty Oak park on Prudential Drive to join this years event. Join hundreds of Christian brothers and sisters from all walks and denominations to truly declare where God does belong.

For more information and to register for the walk check out the United Jacksonville website. I personally look forward to marching and praying over my city and hope to see you there.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    We are getting excited about participating in the walk this weekend. It is LONG OVERDUE!

    1. Be sure to invite your friends and family as well, this is an event the whole city needs to witness as we declare that God Belongs in My City !