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10 Things Learned While in Haiti on Mission

The last few posts have chronicled the journey both physically and emotionally that I recently took to Haiti.

While in Canaan, Haiti there were some takeaways that anyone going or thinking about going on a mission trip should consider. These are lessons that I wish someone had shared with me in detail before stepping on the plane.

  1. Mission work is for everyone – Whether you do work over seas or at home, we can all benefit from mission work. You not only help those you go to serve but in turn they help you become the person you were designed to be.Haiti, Haiti on Mission
  2. You will never be the same – as cliché as that sounds it’s true. You will see and do things that will change you. You will have your heart-broken and rebuilt in a new way. The pure innocent joy through those you meet will change your mind and heart.Haiti Pastor, Haiti on Mission
  3. The one that is served is you – sure you went there to make a difference. Maybe it was to build a school, share some clothes or food. Perhaps it was even the gospel,  whatever your purpose you will come away more blessed than you could ever provide to them. The children of Haiti only wanted to know that we cared.Haiti children
  4. They are not as unhappy as you may think. – Just because they don’t have what you have. It doesn’t make them less, in fact it makes them more. They find pure happiness even in the simple things we all take for granted. Worship in Haiti
  5. You will get dirty, if you want to. – When you look in the mirror at night your own stains reflect back at you. You may wash away the dirt and grime of the day but will never wash away the dirt you brought with you.Life in Haiti
  6. They are rich in ways we could only dream of. – Imagine a world where you were able to openly worship all day. Although they may go hungry and long for shelter they are not burdened with the weight of the world that we carry.Canaan Haiti landscape
  7. You will have your heart-broken, better yet shattered. – No matter how you try to ignore their plight and God’s beauty in their lives. You will be changed,  you will likely cry and you will return home with an empty ache and longing to go back.children of Canaan Haiti
  8. It’s not nearly as scary – People that have never been want you to believe that it is dangerous and scary. It is only scary to those that don’t understand.  Sure you need to be aware of your surroundings but you do in your own neighborhood too.port au prince haiti
  9. Prepare to be uncomfortable – If you are a clean freak..too bad.. if you like your personal space. .too bad. Every wall, barrier or prejudice you may have will been torn away as the scales from your eyes are pulled off.Bible study in Haiti
  10. You will find God’s fingerprints – Everywhere you turn you will find Him. Whether in the tear soaked eyes of a hungry child or the big smiles of the children you just met. Even though they have less than you, they have more than you in faith. God has a hold of the orphans and widows and it is our job to serve them.School in Canaan Haiti

While in Haiti on mission I saw things that I could never adequately describe. I came across my own fears and hang-ups in places I would never imagine. Through all of the journeys and the people I met there was one theme that remained true. The people of Haiti are not helpless, they have simply been forgotten.

Many missions go there and do their good deeds and go home. I am excited about my next chance to go back. If you have any interest in going I say go. If you want help in finding a mission I can put you in contact with some incredible servant-minded people who can help.

I hope you have enjoyed the chronicle of my mission trip to Haiti and the things I learned while in Haiti on mission. I invite you to share the experience with others and share your own experiences as well.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    Excellent read ~ engages the reader and makes them want to go visit.