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Heaven is For Real – A Movie Review

As many of you have noticed there have been a number of faith-based movies that have come out of Hollywood over the past few months.  The movie Heaven is for Real is another installment in the Hollywood minority that are not afraid to share with the world their beliefs.

The movie is an adaptation of the 2010 book written by Todd Burpo heaven is for real about his family and their four-year old child Colton that has the opportunity to visit Heaven and come back and share his story.

Colton played by Connor Corum is the  cutest four-year that has hit the big screen in many years.  He is smart kid and I even turned to my wife and commented “he’s just four” as some of the conversations he had with his dad Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear) were a lot more than you would expect.  Then again I don’t know too many that have been to Heaven either.

Colton get’s very sick and ends up needing an appendectomy, while he was in surgery he had a ‘out of body’ experience.  He did not die which was challenging for some of the cynics for we all think you have to die to go to Heaven.  Yet the things he saw and the people he met would make almost anyone a believer and well watch the movie and find out.

Todd Burpo is a pastor at a small church in Nebraska.  Having a child heaven is for real 2that was near death and comes back to talk about it would be challenging for anyone.  Being a preacher in a town full of critics makes it all that more difficult.  Not only does the town resist the stories and question them, so does Todd.  This in turn shakes the faith of not only the community but challenges its leader.

Without giving too much away about the movie, honestly I was thrilled to see that it was being made to begin with as I have the book.  I was also impressed that the likes of Greg Kinnear (who also stars in Rake which is a total contradictory role), Kelly Riley, Margo Martindale , Thomas Haden Church and more that make up an outstanding cast.  The movie also had T.D. Jakes hand in it as far as directing, which anything he seems to touch is a blessing.

The movie may question the idea of Heaven for some and even in the movie there is a line that many Christians can relate to which is that Heaven and Hell and the fear of both that was instilled in us and yet an innocent child tells of Heaven’s beauty.  Colton talks about how everyone there is young.  He has the opportunity to meet his “pop pop” in Heaven as well as his unborn sister.  How many of us would love the opportunity to talk to a loved one we have lost again.

Many critics have dissected this movie like they do with any other, I am not going to be another one.  If you are looking for a great movie, one with a positive message and full of inspiration and encouragement, well the answer is simple… Heaven is for Real.  It is rated PG as it has some a couple of moments of anger, as well as a couple of clean married couple innuendos.  Obviously Colton be sick can be trying on the younger audiences but it is not something parents should be concerned about.

Word of caution, this movie may stir up some emotions, feelings and you might be tempted to cry, or hug or hold hands.  That is all okay we are all here on Earth hoping that Heaven is for Real and helping each other along the way until we get to go.




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2 Replies

  1. Carol Graham

    Thank you for this review. I already had it on my ‘watch’ list and you confirmed it. After seeing Noah and what a grave disappointment that was, this is a welcome change. I’ll be prepared to cry and hold hands 🙂

    Carol @ Battered Hope

    1. cjohnstonjax

      This one was a great movie that was not over the top nor was it cheesy. It is a good one no matter what you do or do not believe. I think you will enjoy it, thanks for stopping by