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Why Not Try On a Pair of Jesus’ Glasses

In a world full of judgement and ridicule why not try on a pair of Jesus’ glasses?

Why Not Try On a Pair of Jesus' Glasses

Lately, I have been overcome by the way we are treating one another. My heart breaks for not only the widows and orphans but the belittled and rebuked. These people sit in the pews of our churches on Sunday mornings, yet we judge them. They dare listen to music produced by people of a different denomination than yours.  They are the ones read books written by ‘Christian’ authors, but because that author is not the same religion, they are scorned. These are the people who speak up and share their experiences that came from outside the church walls, and, in turn, are dismissed as if their experience was not valid.

I have witnessed with my eyes people behind looked past because of their social class, or they are not good enough to recognize. Even with people who behave as friends outside of the church walls, but act as strangers if someone of stature is around. Who are we to say one Christian religion is better than another? Who are we to look down on our sisters and brothers?

We should be thankful for those people who want to pour into the word of Jesus. Regardless of what ‘version’ of the Bible, they want to read. I am pretty sure no matter the version they all have the same author.

“Who are you to judge your neighbor?” James 4:12

Do those words sound familiar? We have read them a hundred times and heard them during church sermons, and yet such a simple question. What is your answer? Who are you to judge? You snicker and make comments on what people wear, or what they do for a living. You don’t know the trials they are going through. Can you walk in the same fires as your brothers and sisters and walk out unscathed? Until that day which you become omnipotent and all-knowing, who are you to judge?

When is the last time you looked at someone with Jesus’ glasses?

When is the last time you looked at someone with Jesus’ glasses? Look at them with a compassionate and loving heart, accepting them for who they are. Our world would look much different if we all got a new prescription. The Jesus’ prescription would be something like 73:150 (or 66:150 depending on version)for the books and psalms. Sounds like perfect vision, better than 20:20 to me. We would be able to see the world in a new light, the way we as followers of Christ should see.

I have heard hurtful words myself in my own men’s group where men ridicule other men for their beliefs. If our thoughts don’t fit within the confines of the small box of ideology, we must be wrong. Not only do we pass judgement on those we come across in our daily lives. We too are quick to turn the sword on our kin.

Imagine the world where instead of seeing the downtrodden, you see the forgiven. Rather than belittle someone’s beliefs, perhaps try to understand them. The man on the street corner is asking for change, offer him a hot meal. Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well, the outcast of outcasts. He treated her with love and compassion and looked upon her as a child of God. When is the last time you spoke to the person that society outcast? Whether they be a drug addict, prostitute or thief. They might even work beside you in your office, and yet you judge them silently every day. Don’t you think its time that we put on our pair of Jesus glasses and look at the world in a brand new way?

I share this simple prayer with you as you go throughout your day. I pray that perhaps it will help you change your prescription of judgement to that of Jesus’ glasses.

Lord, open my eyes that I may see you in others. Peel back the scales that have covered my eyes for so long, so that I may see your infinite glory in everyone I meet. As I walk through my days may the eyes of my heart be focused on you, Lord. May you guide my steps that I may find ways to serve your children. I pray that my lips and thoughts be sealed from any judgment. Only goodness in others may I find along the way. As a warrior for your heart, I will stand up and defend the lesser of these. Widows, orphans, and the homeless, I will care for them as you have asked us to do. Those that have turned away from you as well as those who may never have known you, may I be the light that leads them to you. With these eyes I will find your vision, with these hands I will do your will, with my feet I will go wherever you may call me. In your holy and loving name, I pray. Amen.

I believe it does not matter the denomination or the number of books to make a Christian. I also think there are many people who have never stepped foot inside a church that have a deeper more profound relationship with Christ than many of the hypocrites that sit in the pews. We have all been tasked with the same commission to love one another as Christ loves the church. This can only begin when we pluck out the plank in our eye and put on Jesus’ glasses when we look at our brothers and sisters. I hope you have enjoyed this post and would love to hear your thoughts as well, feel free to share below and join us in the conversation. What kind of glasses are you wearing?

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

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  1. Candace Crosby

    Great article, Charles, and one I honestly try and live by. It is not easy to look at some people, much less approach them and strike up a conversation. What we need to consider is these people are defensive (or just plain rude) as a result of something that happened to them earlier in life. They may have been abused or neglected and this is their defense mechanism, or perhaps their rebellion, trying to prove to themselves and others that they just don’t care. We do need to pay extra attention and try to look at their “heart”.

    Thanks for the reminder to look at others with “Jesus’s glasses”.