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Lessons from When the Game Stands Tall

Lessons from When the Game Stands Tall

Teaching that there is more to life than just the game, When the Game Stands Tall is a true inspirational movie.  As like many football or even sports related movies they come with a little dose of predictability.  This is one that although that may be the case it is also thoroughly enjoyable for the whole family (rated PG).

WTGST_wp_standard When The Game Stands Tall

When the Game Stands Tall starts Jim Caviezel as Bob Ladouceur head coach of the De La Salle Spartans, the winning-est team in sports history.  The cast is supported by Michael Chiklis who plays assistant coach Terry Eidson. As well as Laura Dern as Bev Ladouceur the coach’s wife, and even a cameo appearance of Maurice Jones Drew as himself.

“Winning a lot of games is doable, teaching kids there is more to life, that’s hard.”

Throughout the story there are lessons than we could all learn and live by.  Lessons that even though they are applied to football and winning they can also apply to life, leadership and manhood. This success formula consists of-love, brotherhood, sacrifice, discipline, heart, courage, passion, honesty.

Love – Several times throughout the movie is love stressed both between players and coaches.  This is displayed in their actions and where they stand up for each other both on and off the field.  The love for the game is not enough they have to love and trust one another to win.  This goes for any team or family, love needs to be the focus to be able to work together and win.  Family is not determined by blood but by those that have your back.

Honesty As in life we get out of it what we put into it.  If we don’t give 110% we should expect disappointment in our lives.   As leaders we must lead with honesty and character.  This will set the expectation for our team, family and friends.

“It’s OK to feel disappointed if you didn’t play your absolute best.”

Heart – Just like someone who brings their A-game to the field we also need to bring our A-heart.  Courage and passion will drive us through life, without heart we will never win the game

Discipline– we need to let go of egos and recognition to acknowledge the success of the team.  Our own records will not pay  homage to the team that got you there.  ”

“It is not about the record it is about the team”

Sacrifice – In a feat of heroic proportions there was a competition that occurs in a V.A. Hospital where in the end it was not that the person could ‘go on forever, just a little bit longer.  As leaders sometimes it just takes a little bit more to win. Whether at work, relationships  it does not matter. The one that is willing to put in the time and effort usually wins in the end.

Brotherhood – From the first whistle to the last we must fight together as brothers in arms.  Until we write that last chapter of our book.  That last chapter in a man’s book of life should be that of brotherhood.

Passion – In order to win the team must play with passion and determination.  The senior class shared their emotions with each other while the juniors remained resolute.  Without passion in our lives reaching our goals can become insurmountable.

My Thoughts on When The Game Stands Tall

Take Coach Carter , Hoosiers or any other great sports team story and stack When The Game Stands Tall up against it.  The movie is an enjoyable smash-mouth football movie with a feel good story.  There are some great leadership lessons throughout the movie as well.  Granted it is not as gritty as Person of Interest nor as powerful as the Passion of the Christ, but Jim Caviezel stays true to his character throughout.  With the faith, love and brotherhood it would be difficult for anyone to leave the film uninspired.

Question: What leadership lesson have you been able to take away from When The Game Stands Tall? Share your leadership insight in the comment section below.

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