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Why We Must Possess in Order to Give

give of oneself

In order for one to truly give of oneself, we must possess control of oneself.

The fundamental issue is freedom. You must possess yourself in order to give yourself away.” We all like to give to others in the form of charity whether in time, talent or money. Once we obtain a clean heart then and only then can we give.

This is not to say that we cannot give our weekends up or maybe an hour here or there volunteering. We can go to charity event after charity event and still be empty. Even if you give the shirt off your own back to someone in need that does not consist of true giving.

We remain slaves to the world and everything in it. Rather than giving to those in need we will hoard things we don’t really use, like or even want. We look in our full closets and think we have nothing to wear. Meanwhile our brothers and sisters are out in the elements hungry and bare.

Sure we go to church on Sunday and tithe our ten percent. Does putting spare change in the basket somehow wash away our sin? We talk a good talk as we hide the lies we hold within. Thinking that if we ask forgiveness then it is okay to do it all over again.

In fact we were all sold into a lie of sorts. No matter what the. deed no matter how big or small. We are unable to buy our way into salvation by simply giving to others. We must give of ourselves by making God first in our lives.We must decrease so that He can increase.

Once we give of ourselves and accept responsibility for our lives. Then and only then can we truly give of ourselves to others, starting with our wives. When we took our nuptial vows we promised to be true to our wives, our God and ourselves. This is where the giving begins, within our own homes we give of ourselves and everybody wins.

Sure there are things that come up that can get in the way. I never said giving would be easy, or even fun at times. The rewards however are priceless when the investment is done right. No bigger dividend will you receive than the love of your wife.

We were made to protect our homes , not only by physical harm but spiritual intruders as well. We can get so wrapped up in work, school and hobbies that we leave the door to complacency and temptation ajar. A home where the man is always away, even when he is there, is one that the devil will thrive.

As men we must defend our homes, our marriage and our wives. By being present spiritually, emotionally and physically to attend to the threats. The world today is a battleground, one in which we must don the armor or God everyday.

As spiritual warriors we will win the fight and in turn grow our hearts to be able to give more. The more we are guided by HIS word and live in it everyday. The larger the heart we will receive in return. A man who serves his God, his home and his community will be covered and protected by the Spirit.

So many temptations that can lead us astray. Whether you choose a football game over family time. Spend hours in front of the computer rather than snuggled on the couch with your wife. Maybe you get so busy with everything around you, you are absent even when you are there.

No matter what may lead us off the path of marital bliss, all is not lost. If you focus your eyes in everything you do on your Lord and Savior. When we give of ourselves and spend time with your heavenly Father. He will guide you through the most challenging of your days.

Our hearts will become so enlarged with the love and generosity of our Father, we have an abundance to give. Although we may be weary, he shall give us rest. We will be born again with renewed hearts that give out of God’s Grace rather than our gain. Only then when we completely give of ourselves to gain our lives can we truly give to others.

So find the way within your own life, where you can take possession of it. Balance the needs of the world and the needs in your marriage. Once you gain personal possession, it will be easier to have the freedom to give as a blessing.

Now its your turn: What ways do you find that your lack of personal freedom prevents true giving? How do you combat these distractions in your daily life?

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

3 Replies

  1. Scott

    I tend to agree, we all have stuff we don’t need. But, these collections do bring some order to our lives, so we still find value in that.

  2. I’ve always been a believer of this: You can’t give something you don’t have.

    An absolutely enjoyable read.

  3. Wonderful,wonderful post! You’re right, giving is a very hard concept to grasp, but as long as we are making an effort and being genuine about it, we will see our reward in the end.