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5 Ways to Find Restful Sleep as an Entrepreneur

Being able to rest at night helps to get each day off to a good start. Many of us however could sleep better (not necessarily longer for as hustlers sleep comes later). By adding a few simple tasks to your already busy routine before going to sleep your mind will be able to find rest. Rest is vital to replenish our minds and spirit. In order to maintain our health we must find ways to rest and recover.

5 Ways to Find Restful Sleep as a Entrepreneur, A leather bound journal sits on a table outside with a cord wrapped around the pages to keep place in book.

As an entrepreneur our schedules are packed with meetings, video chats, coaching calls and more. We are constantly on the go and many of us burn the candle at both ends. Sleep is one of those luxuries we just cannot afford if we are really chasing after our dreams. At times our bodies need rest and we must stop and find sleep. Here are some quick tips on getting the most out of that time, as we like to squeeze as much time out of every hour as it is.

5 Ways to Find Restful Sleep as an Entrepreneur

  1. Turn off your phone – I know before you just stop reading after that crazy talk hear me out.  We are all so addicted to emails, texts, tweets and Facebook updates that our eyes are glued to our phones. By turning off your phone or even just leaving it in another room for 45 to 60 minutes before bed it allows your mind time to disconnect. Leaving it on in your room, even on silent does not count as the lights from every notification will disturb your REM cycle as well. So off or out of the room, the world won’t end while you are away, if it does well did it matter?
  2. Unplug your mind – In addition to your phone that also included turning off the laptop, tablet and even T.V. There is nothing good on late at night anyway and no sense in occupying your mind with images or news stories that will linger. When you turn off the electronic screens it allows your eyes and minds to begin to rest. Just the removal of the constant eye strain of technology will be a benefit, and you won’t see a blank white screen when you close your eyes.
  3. Read a little paper – Entrepreneurs are constant learners, we read, listen to audio books, podcasts and watch information filled videos on YouTube. If we slow down and spend some time reading an actual book (yes they still make them out of paper) it will give us the comforts of a bedtime story. As we read our minds leave the worries of the day behind as it travels among the pages of the book. By reading a little bit before bed we are able to forget the troubles for just a little while and allow our minds to relax and our eyes to become heavy, ready for sleep.
  4. Write in Your Journal – You have a journal right? I don’t mean the sticky notes all over your bathroom mirror or the notepad you scribble on during meetings. Every entrepreneur needs a journal, I personally recommend a Moleskine Notebook but that is my personal preference, you can use any type of notebook to write in. Take a few minutes at the end of your day and write down your thoughts, victories and losses from the day. Make an account for the things that went well and those that you might improve on. If you are a blogger or writer this may provide some future fodder for your musings as well. Simply take some time to allow your mind to empty on the pages, once the words are on the page they occupy less space in your mind.
  5. Exercise regularly – Nothing is worse than meeting a client winded after a flight of stairs. Just a few minutes of exercise a day can change your sleep. Whether you hit the gym in the morning or just walk the dog after work. Getting out and moving will help you sleep and keep you fit.

Bonus tip: Don’t stress about sleep – by keeping regular hours to sleep and doing the tips above you set yourself up for better sleep. If you simply cannot sleep, get up, just lying there will add to your stress. Our bodies are made to be re-energized, it will let you know when you need sleep.

Bonus Bonus tip: Be wary of your intake – Both foods and drinks (including libations) can alter your sleep regimen. Its best to eat a few hours before going to bed to allow digestion. Also staying away from caffeine and alcohol can assist in better sleep.

Until then keep hustling and chasing your dreams, you can always rest later. I would love to hear your tips and ideas on how you find restful sleep, please share below your thoughts.


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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

8 Replies

  1. Candace Crosby

    Good advice here!

  2. Very good advise! Thanks for sharing, Charles!

    1. Thank you Monica, thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!

  3. Love these tips, I definitely need to be more conscientious of them. I would add one more that helps me. About the time I need to turn off my phone, I make a to do list or priority list for the next day. I find this really helps me stop or at least limit the racing thoughts that so often happens once I’ve climbed into bed.

    1. I have heard that making a list helps, I have never been much of a list maker, maybe it is time to start? Thanks for your suggestion!

  4. I started putting my phone in another room when I go to sleep and it really does help! I find myself relaxing more after committing to unplugging for the night. Loved these tips!

    1. I agree, my phone goes on the charger at the other end of the house. Out of sight out of mind. Unplugging is definitely key in the technology driven world. Thanks for your valued comments Andrea!