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Steps to Unleashing the Warrior (Part 1)

unleashing the warrior

Unleashing the Warrior

This has taking some time to write as it took a while to marinate on all that happened in learning to become an unleashed warrior.  You see last weekend was one of those weekends every man should go through if they have the chance.  A word of warning though, you have to be open for it to mean anything.

Open Heart? Open Mind? Great let’s go!

Society is crumbling around us. Marriages are collapsing. Pornography is winning the battle for men’s minds. And our children are abandoning the Church. But there is hope. ~ Promise Keepers

Let me set the stage a bit, picture a church, the Titus Harvest Dome in my home town having a line of men of all ages, races, backgrounds and locations chomping at the bit to get in to get their spirits and hearts filled and ultimately to unleash the warrior.

Thousands of men from all over with Bibles in hand ready to spend two days opening up the word and breaking down barriers and becoming Promise Keepers and warriors.

The doors opened shortly after 5 on Friday allowing the men inside to make their way to their seats for the event that was to start at 6 pm.  When the band took the stage at 6 it was obvious almost immediately that these men were here for a reason and were on a mission.  Imagine the area in front of the stage being filled by men dancing and singing at the top of their lungs to worship songs as the rest of the men raised hands and worshiped on… oh and that was at 10 minutes after 6.

After about 30 minutes of worship and fellowship, the first speaker of the evening graced the stage.  Former NFL

derwin gray, warrior

player, author of Limitless Life and preacher Derwin Gray broke it down for us.  We were walked through his spiritual journey and how all it took was a naked preacher to start his turn towards Christ.  He fought through his own demons of being the only one in his family to be married, he allowed the fame of the NFL derail him.

Derwin talked about how we cannot out muscle or outrun the Grace of God and that his children have been his saving grace through the years.  He like many men struggle with their identity and how we spend time comparing ourselves to others which is the most arrogant thing we can do as children of God, we should only look down on others when we are lifting them up.

When Derwin was done speaking you would have thought the men were at a pep rally getting ready for a big game.  The Holy Spirit was in this place and had some men in tears while others were on their knees offering their repentance asking for salvation during an incredibly emotional altar call.

Following Derwin, the next speaker for the evening was Bill McCartney, former head coach of the University of Colorado Buffaloes and founder of Promise Keepers.  He started out in stating that everything rises and falls on leadership and that as men our highest calling was to be shepherds to the sheep.

McCartney mapped out a three-step process in achieving anything in life.  If we can answer the following questions honestly:

Who are we?

Where are we going?

How are we going to get there?

Using these questions in our decisions will help us identify our goals and dreams and in what direction we are to take to accomplish them.  McCartney also detailed out the 3 steps to do everyday as a man and example scriptures to go along with the steps:

1.)    Be searched by the Holy Spirit

James 5:16

Ephesians 4:30

Psalm 51:10

Proverbs 28:9

2.)    Be Fed – the Soul needs to be fed by the Word

Psalms 19:7

Romans 12:2

1 John 2:5

Hebrews 4:12

3.)    Be Led by the Holy Spirit

John 15:7

Matthew 7:7

Isaiah 38:19

Acts 21:5

He then made a call out to the men in the crowd as to how many men would commit to reading the Word everyday for the rest of their lives.  If one had to guess there were maybe a handful that did not stand up and promise to be faithful warriors in their feedings of the Word.

As I am sure many can imagine the crowd, like many that just were served the Word by true believers was energized and ready to take on the world.  The audience resembled that of a group of men that recently donned their armor as warriors to lead the charge on the battlefield of life. When the evening came to a close the Katrina’s hit the stage to close it out with some more worship and praise.

Day two will be just power packed .. to be continued with next post

Until then …take a moment read and revel in the scriptures above and begin to be searched, fed and led into becoming an unleashed warrior.

Now it’s your turn: How have you been impacted by a conference or speaker(s) like those at Promise Keepers?

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  1. David Mike

    Last Sunday, we had a baptism service. The personal stories, the friends that prayed for them, and the willingness for those people to stand up solidify our church’s saying “What matters most is people finding Jesus!”