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Capes and matching red tights not required

Once again as I prepare for my upcoming graduation I am handing the reigns over to a guest blogger. Today’s post is by Tom Swan, who usually blogs at ask Tom Swan. Take a moment and welcome Tom to the conversation and read his contribution.

Capes and matching red tights not required

Ask any child under the age of three what they want to be when they grow up.  Most likely they will tell you they want to be a super hero.  You might even be lucky enough to hear about all of the super powers they will have.

Somewhere between the age of three and adulthood, we stop dreaming.  We lose the belief that we can be a super hero!  We trade in our capes and super powers for student loans, a mortgage payment, credit card debt and a 401(k).  We may or may not get married and start a family.

Before we know it, the life we dreamed of as kids is nothing like the one we are living now.  We say things like, “There are just not enough hours in a week.  How am I supposed to get this all done?”

We trade our time for a paycheck.  Maybe we are lucky enough to be doing something we love, but for the most part, we do the work that pays the bills.  When we’re not at work, our days and evenings are filled with PTA meetings, soccer games and dance classes.

We get home just in time to fall into bed, so we can do it again tomorrow.  We forget what it felt like to put on that cape and make a difference in someone’s life.

While taking on adult responsibilities is necessary, I want to encourage and challenge you to put on that cape and be a super hero in someone’s life.  I guarantee there is someone in your life that could use a super hero.

If you’re a parent, be the super hero your children don’t expect you to be.
If you’re an employee, be the super hero your boss doesn’t expect you to be.
If you’re a waitress, be the super hero your customers don’t expect you to be.

super hero, Capes and matching red tights not required

Regardless of our role in life, we all have the power to be a super hero to someone. It just takes a little extra effort.  Sometimes all it takes is a phone call, a kind word or even just taking time to listen.

Don’t let the responsibilities of your adult life rob you of the joy of being a super hero.  Put on your cape and make someone’s day by being the super hero that our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ expects you to be.

This has been a guest post by Tom Swan.  Tom is a gifted writer who regularly share his thought about  money, family, leadership and life on his weekly blog. Through his coaching and mentor program, he helps people create a clear vision for their life; uncover the hidden challenges that are holding them back; and inspires them live with intentional focus on what matters most. You can read more of his posts at and you can connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.Tom Swan

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  1. An interesting read. I’m still not particularly old, but even for me it’s hard to recapture the same kind of creativity I had when I was 6 or 7 years old.

    Part of me thinks it would be awesome to have a spouse and kids, but another part of me thinks it’s nice to be unencumbered. Life can get pretty complicated once you have a lot of family responsibilities. It’s easier to be a superhero to other people in the community when you have some semblance of free time.