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Baltimore Riots: Streets on Fire, We are the Water

Normally I would not write about events like what is happening with the Baltimore riots. Then again nothing is really normal when you see your nation crumble. It has become a common call out to the National Guard. Just this week the request is being made in my own city. I look back and wonder how things have gotten this bad. Since when is looting and violence the answer in a once just world? The media has done it’s best to make this a black on white phenomenon.  Yet when you look close it really never was.  Sure there are black lives that have been lost. Yes those lives do matter. But the enemy is not who it appears. Business and homeowners no longer feel safe. Guns and ammo have flown off the shelves. All in preparation for the New World Order. Curfews imposed, surveillance increased.  America once stood as the home of the brave has been brought to her knees. A country founded on faith and freedom has been silenced. Morals and values have stepped aside for debauchery and sin. Sex, drugs, violence and crime have become so common, they are no longer breaking news. We drive the nails into the cross as well as our own coffins as we turn a blind eye. Instead of standing up for what is right and good. Many would rather hide behind locked doors in their own neighborhoods. Whether it’s the Baltimore riots,  or Ferguson, or your own town. Evil has risen and leveraged itself against us. We cannot […]