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You Must Point Your Sail Before You Launch

You can’t be a procrastinator in business! It is not fair to your customers, your marriage any of it! You keep saying these words they are warning signs for your business. On a recent phone call with my coaches they laid down the framework of tough love . Words very similar to those above punched me in the mouth or perhaps gut. Punching holes in the side of the boat I had been sailing in for so long. I had been going about this all wrong. Wandering in the sea of my own past. Believing the lies I had been told. Treading water above my self-inflicted misery. It was the time that I point my sail and use these fresh winds of truth to tack and jibe towards my dreams. As we worked through some more difficult questions in preparation for upcoming consulting, one of them, in particular, gave me a dose of smash mouth love. For many years, as long as I can remember, in fact, I have always done things my way. Never open to critiques or criticism no matter the source. My arrogance and ego pushed everyone to the edges of my life’s sphere, including God. I pretended to have it all together. Confidence oozed out of me as I walked through life, leaving a trail of carnage in my wake. I started a cycle of destructive self-speech that I began to believe. Words I heard growing up became a part of the threads of my humanity. Weaving through me until all […]

No holds all the power

One of the most powerful sentences is ‘No’ Many of us are weak when it comes to saying ‘no’ to someone else’s request. We are afraid that it might: Hurt their feelings Embarrass them Offend them Upset them Disappoint them Anger them Noticing a trend there?  It seems that the lack of use is all about ‘them.’  Where do we draw the line and accept the fact that we are no longer going to be someone else’s doormat?  How many times have you bought something you really didn’t want just to make the other person happy, or at least quit selling?  Anyone that owns a timeshare, unnecessary appliance or kitchen ware bought at a trade show, or owns something that you never used and regret buying; raise your hand.  Feel silly raising your hand by yourself as you read this don’t you? The answer is ‘no’ even though you just said ‘yes’ to yourself. We are told ‘no’ all of our lives, well most of us without the exceptionally blessed that well, probably are not reading this anyway.  Whether you try to get a loan, job, ask someone out, had an idea, were ever a kid you have become accustomed to hearing ‘no’ just not saying ‘no.’ Instead, we would rather suffer in silence than ruffle the feathers of someone else’s world.  We bend over backwards to make others happy without realizing it, much less the right intention.  The path of least resistance seems to be the easier to take.  It is easier to over […]

Coachable Moments

Coaching can be a slippery slope if the coach and coachee are on different pages. Being the coach or better yet being coachable can make all the difference in someone’s future. There are some simple tips that make the coaching relationship seamless and beneficial to all. Be Comfortable We can only lead and coach from our own comfort zone.  If your heart is not in it your coachee will know.  Transparency is key to coaching properly. Feed Feedback Build your coachee up rather than break them down.  Using positives instead of negatives will induce engagement.  Positive coaching creates a culture of confidence. Storytelling Tell your story, everyone has one, use it as a teaching tool.  Your own mistakes become lessons.  Opening up and sharing your heart will build trust. Input and Advice Keep your coaching private, this is not something to share with others.  Be real, no pulling punches no one wins that way.  Share the truth, be candid and open with your coachee.  Privacy is key to maintaining coachabilty and trust. Gratitude in Attitude Recognize achievements, keep ongoing praise to continue involvement.  Appreciate the moment, be gracious in the wins, humble in the failings.  Be sure to acknowledge the coachee even in the small successes. Be real in your coaching, strive to encourage them every step of the way. Coaching is a privaledge be humble in serving as a mentor to another. If you do not have a coach, find one, seek someone you respect and ask them if they would like to meet […]