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How Bees Create Community (and might save ours)

Ever feel like there is a buzzing sound in your head that you just can’t get rid of?

Maybe it is just me that hears the buzzing sound as I sit on the riverbank writing in my journal. The buzz I am referring to is not from liquor, beer or anything like that. As I look over my shoulder and realize the buzz is from dozens, better yet likely hundreds of bees.
Sitting on the bench that’s has a bush buffer behind covered with bees buzzing around.

These bees remind me of when I was a child. I used to catching bees on my lunch break in my sandwich bag. Granted this was not an amusing hobby according to my panicked teachers. Fear consumed their reaction creating havoc every time. They feared I (or worse they) would be stung by the bees (which never happened).

The furry little legs and beady eyes would intrigue and tickle me as they crawled on my hands and arms. Terrified my teachers would move the other kids away from me.

It never ceases to amaze me how these same bees hold the future of the world on their wings. “One of every three bites of our food originates from bees pollinating the flowers that produce many of our fruits, nuts and vegetables.” We depend on bees for much of our food and with them on the edge of collapse should be something we treasure rather than fear.

As I sit where many others would panic I watch God’s little army at work.

Blessings are when Community Gathers

What does live music, hot dogs, blistering sun and church families coming together all have in common? Community.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang out with some new brothers and sisters. We met some great people with fantastic hearts of service at FaithBridge Church on the other side of town. We witnessed the passion and true servants that the church had to offer. Not only that church but their neighboring church had recently come together to serve the community as one body.
FaithBridge opened up the doors of the church and welcomed the community to join them in a free block party. The block party consisted of jump houses for the kids, hot dogs and side dishes galore along with a array of tasty treats. Following dinner the FaithBridge worship band opened up the night for a free concert starring Shawn McDonald.

One of the missions that is near and dear to FaithBridge Church is the country of Haiti. Haiti is a country that many know has been ravaged by poverty, natural disasters and crime. Many people know their plight yet stand by and don’t take action. FaithBridge member Rick Reed and his wife along with many others from the FaithBridge community could not just stand by. After spending time in Haiti on mission trips they decided they would be the hands and feet of Christ in the form of The

The is an organization that won’t let the children of Haiti go unnoticed. The founders Rick and Samantha Reed