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Blessings are when Community Gathers

What does live music, hot dogs, blistering sun and church families coming together all have in common? Community.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang out with some new brothers and sisters. We met some great people with fantastic hearts of service at FaithBridge Church on the other side of town. We witnessed the passion and true servants that the church had to offer. Not only that church but their neighboring church had recently come together to serve the community as one body.

FaithBridge opened up the doors of the church and welcomed the community to join them in a free block party. The block party consisted of jump houses for the kids, hot dogs and side dishes galore along with an array of tasty treats. Following dinner the FaithBridge worship band opened up the night for a free concert starring Shawn McDonald.

One of the missions that is near and dear to FaithBridge Church is the country of Haiti. Haiti is a country that many know has been ravaged by poverty, natural disasters and crime. Many people know their plight yet stand by and don’t take action. FaithBridge member Rick Reed and his wife along with many others from the FaithBridge community could not just stand by. After spending time in Haiti on mission trips they decided they would be the hands and feet of Christ in the form of The

The is an organization that won’t let the children of Haiti go unnoticed.  The founders Rick and Samantha Reed for anyone that knows them, knows that Haiti is their heart. The FaithBridge community partnering with The are building an orphanage in Canaan, Haiti. In order to build this orphanage and protect the children inside they must first build walls of protection. During the event this past weekend they did a love offering to support their endeavors.

Currently the Haiti-Canaan community has Immediate Needs:

#1 – A retaining wall to surround the property preventing others from building.

#2 – Larger structure for worship because current seating is maxed out.

#3 – Structure to house a school and funds to allow neighborhood children to attend.

If you would like to help out these needs or in any other way please contact The or FaithBridge for more information.

Shawn McDonald donated his time and talent in support of this cause. The event was free for the entire community. I had the fortunate opportunity toshawn mcdonald community block party win VIP passes from The Promise and had the chance to meet Shawn. As he said himself, he is “awkward and rambles alot”, yet in doing so he showed his pure humble servant heart. He talked to the small audience about how everyone has their own story to tell whether through music, writing or whatever your talent may be.

“We all have a story, some are darker than others, God is in the business of healing.” 

Shawn played almost an hour and a half set, including his well-known songs Gravity, I will rise and more. His heart shined through not only  the lyrics in his music but the innocent awkwardness many can relate to. As he put it he does not want to be an entertainer, he wants to connect with humans. He also spoke about how having faith is sometimes difficult, like when he recently separated from his record label. But as long as God invests in him he hopes to remain burning for Him.

FaithBridge Church, The, Shawn McDonald, and The Promise all showed how people can come together as a community and rise from the ashes. If you don’t currently have a church, FaithBridge welcomes you to join them. They have services on Sunday at 9 and 1030, ministries to fit any talent or desire and true servant hearts looking to heal the community. If you would like to help out in Haiti, The has some upcoming events that will be fundraisers for their mission in Haiti as well as other ways you can provide support.

On behalf of myself and my guests I would like to personally thank Rick and Samantha of The, Pastor Paul and the FaithBridge community, The Promise and Shawn McDonald for a spectacular evening of fellowship.

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

3 Replies

  1. Candace Crosby

    Excellent read & the FaithBridge community is inspired by the Holy Spirit. May God continue to bless them abundantly in all they do, and open doors for more sponsors to help them attain their goals in building the orphange.

    1. Between the heart of FaithBridge and they will change the future of the communities both here and in Haiti. It is a beautiful thing to see strangers come together in the Christ Community of Faith.