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OtterBox Symmetry Innovation and Protection

A couple of months ago I wrote about the next big thing being here. When you buy the next big thing usually you want to protect it.

Whether it be a shiny new Mac, A new car or in this case a new phone, protection is key. Sure they come with warranties and you can buy insurance that many times is just for peace of mind. Sometimes that is just not enough. Depending on the item sometimes it takes the work of otters to protect your purchase.

The day I bought my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge I gave up some protection. Although I had a lifetime replacement warranty on the protection of my old S3. That protection was not transferable. The day the edge came out the case options were very limited. I mean sure I could have bought some knock off brand and run the risk of loss of functionality, or worse inadequate protection. I settled for a flip cover made by Samsung for the Edge.

Being that the case was made by Samsung for Samsung gave me some comfort, just not otter-ably preferable. After a few weeks of using the case and a couple of drops, I become aware of the comfort I was missing. I contacted OtterBox to inquire about whether the Otters were designing a case for the S6 Edge. To my dismay I was told due to the curved technology of the Edge it was unlikely.

Hurt and frustrated I began my search for a OtterBox alternative. There were many brands out there that claimed to offer the same or similar protection as the OtterBox. Many were bulky, had poor reviews or were cheaply made.

A few weeks went by and I got an email from OtterBox informing me that a case for my S6 Edge had been developed and was available. Without otterbox symmetryhesitation I ordered the brand new Symmetry case by OtterBox. Upon arrival I was a bit apprehensive as this case was not the same rubberized protection with a screen guard as the Defender series I had for my S3. Being a OtterBox I figured I would at least give it a shot.

OtterBox cases are known for a few key things. Traits that matter to the user, things like durable protection, scratch protection and in some cases waterproofing, all without giving up functionality of the phone. The OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES case is no different. It provides a slim look with a OtterBox feel. Due to the curved nature of the phone there is no screen cover included in the case, one can be purchased separately. The ports are open for easy access, therefore do not have the same water protection as the Defender series. These would be nice to see the Otters be able to develop a Defender series with full protection that they are known for. In the meantime a Galaxy S6 Holster Case(there is no clip or sleeve on the case) and hopes of not dropping it in water will have to do.

I feel more comfortable with the added protection and durability the OtterBox Symmetry case provides. Granted I will be first in line if the Otters create a Defender series. Until then I will continue to be a supporter and advocate of the technology and design that OtterBox uses. Their innovation and high standards of functionality makes it all worth the wait. They do offer a Defender version for many other phones like the iPhone, other Samsung lines including the S6 (just not the Edge yet) and more. If you want the confidence and protection of your own phone or tablet check out OtterBox today.

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