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Chew Chew Food Co. Food Truck

I am a fan of food trucks. They come in all shapes, sizes and delicacies. A food truck is a flavorful adventure on  wheels.

The food you get on these mobile diners is full of creativity and dreams. Where else can a culinary artisan serve a different public every day without the expense of brick and mortar.

Yesterday was an unusual day where I did not have my normal leftovers for lunch.

Being in a city that has food trucks of all delicacies variety is often available.  I work in an area of town where most days a truck or two is nearby. Today was one such day.

I looked up the JaxTruckies Facebook page to see where the trucks were for the day. A truck by the name of Chew Chew Food Co. was my featured dining establishment on wheels. I walked over a block to check them out.Chew Chew Food Co. Food Truck

Upon arrival the truck parked alongside the empty street of EverBank Plaza was a cargo truck with a reddish paint job. I walked up to the window, curbside and perused the menu for the day on the chalkboard. Unique items like lobster corn dogs, Korean BBQ ShortRib Melts, Carnitas Burritos and more. This was not your average greasy diner on wheels.

After a brief discussion with the gentleman in the window I settled for the General Tso’s Chicken Tacos. Sounded unusual enough with a flavor of safety. Where else will you find crispy chicken breast tossed in a house made General Tso’s sauce. Accompanied by Sesame Bok Choy, Carrots, and Bean Sprouts. Finished off with a Sriracha aioli all stuffed into three flour soft tacos. Yes it not only sounded delicious but appealed to all the senses as it was freshly made to order.

Chew Chew Food Co. Food Truck Chicken Tacos

Chew Chew Food Co. General Tso’s Chicken Tacos

Chew Chew Food Co. Food Truck menuAfter a few minutes and an order of Blackened Shrimp Taco’s went out the window, it was my turn. Wrapped in wax paper in a white cardboard box lay my three tacos of creativity. Savoring every bite, they were as mouth-watering as the had sounded. With just enough heat from the General Tso’s sauce and the Sriracha to make them interesting. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the Box Choy and Bean Sprouts cooled off the heat.

I have only eaten at a few of the Food Trucks that call my city home so far. Of all of them none have yet to disappoint. If you want a quick meal with a flavor of character. Why not support your local entrepreneurial food truck? They are hard-working individuals that dish out their dreams to go from curbside restaurants like no other. To find the listings of all the food trucks in my city check our Jax Truckies, to find yours Google food trucks in your area. If there are not any, maybe its time you chase your own dreams and start one.

Do you have a food truck story you would like to share? Share your story and give your local food truckies some love below in the comments.

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  1. Oh my! That looks delicious! I’m visiting my hometown (Atlanta, GA) this summer and I’m looking forward to chowing down on some food truck eats.

    1. We have a couple dozen now in my hometown and I try to eat at them every chance I get. They tend to have more creativity than brick and mortar. Hope your trip to Atlanta is flavorful.

  2. Yummo! Great post!

    1. Thanks Cara, it was delicious, thanks for commenting!

  3. Jax Truckies appreciate you checking us out – and BTW – Blakes Lobster Corndogs are AWESOME!


  4. This dish looks fabulous! For more recipes videos and “Weight Loss Challenge Tips “please clicks on this link….