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We Are All Fishers of Men

We were all made to be fishers not only of the sea but fishers of men, we are set to cast our nets and pull in our brothers that have gotten lost at sea. We sit in the pews of our church’s looking for redemption, salvation and something to believe in. We are filled by the Holy Spirit and are on fire as we sing our praises to change the world.  As soon as service ends we rush  back out into the world and our fire passes as an adrenaline rush and we become numb. We sink back into our routines of yard work, school work, getting prepared for the work week, NASCAR or football on TV, whatever is on tap for our Sunday afternoon.   Our families are the only things we tend to pray for when we bend our knees that night in preparation of the new week.  Within hours the fire that was inside us has dulled to a mere glimmer, a spark to stoke just to keep lit until next Sunday. As men we were made for more than just being pew sitters on Sunday and then to cover up our faith with our ties and suits the rest of the week.   We tend to find that when we are around our co-workers, neighbors and friends