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Why It Is Time I Fire Myself

I have decided it is the time that I fire myself. I have been working at the same job for too long. It is time for a fresh start. I know a bit harsh, and you are likely wondering how can I fire myself? Many people stay stuck in their jobs for too long. Whether it is out of comfort or complacency, the results are the same. The same goes for those of us that are generous with our talents. We give away products or services to help someone out. Or perhaps it is so you can gain experience yourself. What the poop! (stole it from a friend of mine) Are you crazy?  Time is money and generous or not there comes a time when the gravy train needs to come to a screeching halt. There is a misnomer out there that freelance means free. Hate to rain on your parade but umm yeah ‘no.’ You work hard for your money as do we. Freelance means we have more freedom to serve the clients we choose rather than being tied to a paycheck. That is not to say we don’t want and expect to be paid. Nor does it give you the right or freedom to ask us to do so. “A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.” Peter Marshall Click To Tweet Therefore, I have decided it is the time I fire myself. I resign to the fact that I will no longer work for free. There is no such thing as […]

When will Freedom Ring Again?

I, like many of you are confused by the state of our country as we prepare to celebrate our freedom. In less than a month Old Glory seems to have begun tearing at the seams. Black churches are burning, shootings on our homeland are taking more lives than war, and decisions are being made with reckless abandon.

After spending a week on vacation, rarely watching or reading the news, my heart weeps. People on social media have taken sides, sides many probably don’t understand. The White House declared victory with a light show of pride. Will their pride still show and light up with red, white and blue on the 4th of July? Friends turn against friends as they change their images colors to rainbows. Division and pain continue to create a chasm within our nation.
I am not taking sides in all of these disputes and you will not read my opinion here.

However I would like to share some thoughts on our freedom and what it should mean.

Our forefathers and grandfathers maybe even husbands, sons or fathers fought to protect our country. Dating back to when we stood against our motherland and separated from England. Our country has stood on principles, faith and values.

Over the past three hundred years or so, even before the colors of the flag had dried, our country has been divided. In the 1800’s the north battles the south. In that war it was not a war of black against white, it was more right versus wrong.

Why We Must Possess in Order to Give

In order for one to truly give of oneself, we must possess control of oneself. “The fundamental issue is freedom. You must possess yourself in order to give yourself away.” We all like to give to others in the form of charity whether in time, talent or money. Once we obtain a clean heart then and only then can we give. This is not to say that we cannot give our weekends up or maybe an hour here or there volunteering. We can go to charity event after charity event and still be empty. Even if you give the shirt off your own back to someone in need that does not consist of true giving. We remain slaves to the world and everything in it. Rather than giving to those in need we will hoard things we don’t really use, like or even want. We look in our full closets and think we have nothing to wear. Meanwhile our brothers and sisters are out in the elements hungry and bare. He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much. – Lao Tzu Click To Tweet Sure we go to church on Sunday and tithe our ten percent. Does putting spare change in the basket somehow wash away our sin? We talk a good talk as we hide the lies we hold within. Thinking that if we ask forgiveness then it is okay to do it all over again. In fact we were all sold into a lie of sorts. No matter what the. deed no matter […]