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Ways to Use Excess Meyer Lemon Harvest

If you are like me the idea of growing your own fruits and vegetables is bountiful. Notice I said the “idea” was bountiful not always the harvest. I grew up on a farm so one would think I had a green thumb. Guess that is why it was a  cattle farm and not a corn field. I mean sure we had a garden, and a greenhouses for a while. But I did not a seem to get many of those traits. Now that I live in the suburbs there is not much space much less manure to have a harvest regularly. I have tried growing everything from broccoli to zucchini even grown fennel and Habanero. Usually the harvest is small considering the time and work put into them. A few years back I planted a fruit tree.. a lemon tree best I knew. After a few years it put out fruit. The fruit was weird-looking for lemons. They were about the size of oranges or small grapefruit. Yellow and sour like lemon but the flesh consistency of an orange. I had saved the tag on the tree and read that it was a Meyer Lemon. Meyer Lemons are hybrids thought to be a cross of a lemon and a Mandarin Orange. Oh and once they start to produce they can produce thousands. So the first couple of seasons I did nothing with the harvest. Much dropped and became fertilizer. The rest ended up in the trash. This year I decided to make use of my […]