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Ways to Use Excess Meyer Lemon Harvest

If you are like me the idea of growing your own fruits and vegetables is bountiful.

Notice I said the “idea” was bountiful not always the harvest. I grew up on a farm so one would think I had a green thumb. Guess that is why it was a  cattle farm and not a corn field.

I mean sure we had a garden, and a greenhouses for a while. But I did not a seem to get many of those traits.

Now that I live in the suburbs there is not much space much less manure to have a harvest regularly. I have tried growing everything from broccoli to zucchini even grown fennel and Habanero. Usually the harvest is small considering the time and work put into them.

A few years back I planted a fruit tree.. a lemon tree best I knew. After a few years it put out fruit. The fruit was weird-looking for lemons. They were about the size of oranges or small grapefruit. Yellow and sour like lemon but the flesh consistency of an orange.

I had saved the tag on the tree and read that it was a Meyer Lemon. Meyer Lemons are hybrids thought to be a cross of a lemon and a Mandarin Orange. Oh and once they start to produce they can produce thousands.

So the first couple of seasons I did nothing with the harvest. Much dropped and became fertilizer. The rest ended up in the trash.

This year I decided to make use of my bountiful harvest of lemons. Besides giving them to all my neighbors, family and a couple Jehovah witnesses that came by. I pondered and researched for ideas to use the fruit. Here are a few I have tried or plan to soon.

Juiced Meyer lemons

1. refrigerated and use in place of concentrate.
2. Poured in ice trays and froze. Use the cubes in my water each day.
3. A splash of juice in my sweet tea for a lemony flavor.
4. Froze a couple quarts in the deep freeze for later use.
5. Used juice in place of lime in my gin and tonic.
6. Made Meyer Lemonade.

Other uses to come

7. Candied Meyer Lemon peels (just ask Martha Stewart).
8. Meyer Lemon Sorbet
9. Meyer Lemon zest or juice for seafood.
10. Meyer Lemon pie.

The list can go on and on.. if it is a recipe or other use for lemon the Meyer Lemon offers a sweeter alternative.

Next time I will do my research when I get a fruit or vegetable I am not that familiar with. Kinda like when I bought a Loquat tree..but that will be a whole other post.

Have you ever grown or bought a fruit or vegetable and then not known what to do with it? Share your thoughts and comments below (and Meyer Lemon uses if you have any).

About Charles Johnston

Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.

11 Replies

  1. I tried growing an range tree but was unsuccessful. Looking to start a herb garden soon.

    1. Herbs are usually relatively easy maintenance and take less space. Best of luck!

  2. authoraileenstewart

    Lovely post Charles. I think the lemon pie is the best idea :0) We live in town and have some raised bed gardens, but all we grow is tomatoes and onions. Maybe this year I will grow some lettuce in patio containers.

    1. Patio container are great especially if space is limited or cold weather is common. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share.

  3. aimeefauci

    Oh I’d love to harvest but we live in Texas in the Hill Country and it seems impossible without spending money we don’t have. We live on rock and have too many critters.. deer etc.

    1. Critter are a problem.. we deal with raccoons, oppossums, squirrels and birds often.

  4. That’s exciting that you would work at this in the suburbs!

    1. You would be amazed at what you can grow even in the city with a little creativity.

  5. I have always wanted to have a fruit tree. I was thinking of growing oranges or lemons. I live in an apartment and will need something that can grow on a balcony or inside. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are patio versions available for alot of fruits Ramona. A pot and soil is all it takes.

  6. This is so interesting. There is much interest now in making good use of resources whether you call it minimalism, decluttering, repurposing or just plain frugality. I hate to see food thrown away when there is so much hunger in the world. I applaud your effort.