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A Dog Toy Worth Its Bite (Review)

For dog owners, more specifically for large dog owners, a good dog toy is hard to find.

There is an ongoing challenge in finding a dog toy tough enough toy for your dog to play with. Many companies tout that their toys are ‘indestructible’ or ‘heavy duty’. Some even provide a ‘limited’ lifetime warranty.

Anyone that has owns a bigger dog knows that well most just are biting off more than they can chew.

I have had and currently have a strong chewer. Meaning no little stuffed toys with squeakers or tennis balls will do. The only toys she is allowed to play with, used to be the black KONG Extreme Dog Toy. Then she figured out how to destroy those too.

We have spent hundreds of dollars in toys only for them to get thrown out in days. We have a box (a large box) of toys that our non chewer can play with. And we have others like hard plastic toys and tires that I am not sure what the maker was thinking.

If our chewer does not destroy the toys, she will bust her gums up trying.

One day we were at their weekly puppy playtime at Happy Hound Dog Resort. I noticed that our chewer was going to town on this bright-colored ball. She spent several minutes trying to destroy it to no avail.

I spoke with the owner of Happy Hound to find out what kind of toy it was. He gave me the info and I ordered some on Amazon that night.

I purchased 2 of both sizes of the West Paw Design Jive to try out. Thinking the smaller would work for our non-chewer worst case.

“West Paw’s most durable dog ball yet. Jive® is the only ball dogs need—bright, bouncy, and buoyant. Combat slobber by flinging it with a standard ball-thrower, then toss it in the dishwasher. Just don’t toss it out—it’s recyclable.ZG071TNG dog toy

Like all of our Zogoflex® dog toys, Jive® is Made in the USA, Certified Safe and Guaranteed to Last.”      ~ West Paw Design

We have now been using the West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy daily for over a month now. Both dogs love playing fetch with the balls (they are retriever mixes). I have yet to see a single tooth mark or piece missing. Yet both dogs still enjoy playing with and chewing them. Being that they usually get bored easily with dog toys that is an accomplishment.

Doing a little research on …. I found that the balls are actually made of recycled rubber. If the dog does damage it they will gladly replace the toy. They do ask for the damaged toy back so it too can be recycled into new toys.

Not only does West Paw Design make a great dog toy for big dogs that chew like mine, they are also environmentally responsible. I have not found the toys in my local pet stores yet. Maybe it is still a well hidden secret…until now.

Is there a particular brand of dog toy that has worked for your dog? Share your stories of toys that didn’t make it and those that have.

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5 Replies

  1. aimeefauci

    We just got a puppy, that does not look like a puppy! Loving this toy. Love that you can toss in the dishwasher. We have been using tennis balls but she tends to shred those and those can add up in cost.

  2. This sounds perfect! We have a 4 year old St Bernard who is about 200 lbs and destroys toys almost within minutes. I’ll definitely be checking these out. I love that they are recycled rubber too!

  3. I absolutely love West Paw. Their toys are a big hit with my dog. I love their manufacturing ethics as well and how environmentally conscious they are. My power chewer LOVES the Hurley bone. He chews on it every single night for about an hour or so. He eventually damages it enough that I need to replace it every 3-4 months or so, but that is longer than any other toy and I can’t complain since it’s so affordable. He also loves their new cups that interlock for treats. For some odd reason even though he loves balls and fetch, he doesn’t seem to love the Jive, but I think it may be too heavy for him.

  4. I have a 3 year old chihuahua who weighs 11 pounds, and you wouldn’t think she could destroy any toy in 3.5 seconds but she does! I’m desperate to find one that will last more than 45 minutes. I’ll have to check this one out!

  5. We have a golden retreiver whose mission in life is to remove all squeakers from squeaky toys and she does this usually in a matter of minutes. I may have to check in to the Design Jive Ball. We have had a couple of treat dispensing balls that have lasted several years. You put treats in them which gets their attention and they roll them around and get a treat when one falls out. They have been chewed on but not destroyed as most other toys and balls have. Search for Star Mark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball and you should be able to find them. I like the larger version as it does not get “lost” under the couch.