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When You know it is Worth it

There are moments in life when you know it is Worth it. Ever have that moment of clarity that makes your struggle worthwhile? That moment when you are ready to throw in the towel and it happens. When you are full of self-doubt and prepared to quit. That is when He intercedes and puts someone or something in your path.  This is not another hurdle to leap over, this is the reminder that it’s all worth it. Those sleepless nights when you can’t shut your brain off are worth it. The conversations that you have with yourself are starting to make sense. The words that you are unable to speak, yet crave to give a voice to be heard. The audacious goals you set for yourself so long ago. These all make up the moments that I thought they may be a struggle, they and you are worth it. That sigh of relief when your car or credit card is paid off. That time when your art work is used to announce a marriage or a newborn. Maybe it is when you get sweaty palms and butterflies before your first TedX speech. Whatever level of expectation it is, it is worth it. Perhaps it is the time you use the story of David to bring others to Christ and to find their purpose. Or you create a pod cast that highlights the achievements of others. Or it is the time you shared your wisdom to help other bloggers become better beyond the posts they write. […]

No holds all the power

One of the most powerful sentences is ‘No’ Many of us are weak when it comes to saying ‘no’ to someone else’s request. We are afraid that it might: Hurt their feelings Embarrass them Offend them Upset them Disappoint them Anger them Noticing a trend there?  It seems that the lack of use is all about ‘them.’  Where do we draw the line and accept the fact that we are no longer going to be someone else’s doormat?  How many times have you bought something you really didn’t want just to make the other person happy, or at least quit selling?  Anyone that owns a timeshare, unnecessary appliance or kitchen ware bought at a trade show, or owns something that you never used and regret buying; raise your hand.  Feel silly raising your hand by yourself as you read this don’t you? The answer is ‘no’ even though you just said ‘yes’ to yourself. We are told ‘no’ all of our lives, well most of us without the exceptionally blessed that well, probably are not reading this anyway.  Whether you try to get a loan, job, ask someone out, had an idea, were ever a kid you have become accustomed to hearing ‘no’ just not saying ‘no.’ Instead, we would rather suffer in silence than ruffle the feathers of someone else’s world.  We bend over backwards to make others happy without realizing it, much less the right intention.  The path of least resistance seems to be the easier to take.  It is easier to over […]