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Ethan Hallmark – An Involuntary Hero

I am Second – Ethan Hallmark’s story As a Christian there are times when even we struggle for answers. It is through those times that we seek. I am Second was formed just for that purpose to provide answers and hope through real life stories. This is a recap of one such story of a small boy named Ethan Hallmark who has become an involuntary hero. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Click To Tweet Just like any other family, four kids and yet Ethan makes it different. Rather than being a normal kid that hates school. He looks forward to it because he doesn’t get to go that often. He has become an inspiration to those around him. Ethan has symptomatic cancer, the cancer has spread throughout his body. He has tumors throughout his bones and organs that finger out throughout. He has had about 100 days of radiation to combat the cancer. At age 13 he celebrates his moms birthday as he gets radiation. He faces his life with a unrelinquished lack of fear. He has become closer to God along his journey. He became the one that prayed and he has led his friends to Christ. His friends see Ethan as a symbol that God is not dead. The pain started in his stomach, they ordered a CT scan. Ethan’s doctor was visibly shaken when he had to deliver the news to Ethan’s mom. Ethan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and because of his aged the odds are not in his […]