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Ethan Hallmark – An Involuntary Hero

I am Second – Ethan Hallmark’s story

As a Christian there are times when even we struggle for answers. It is through those times that we seek. I am Second was formed just for that purpose to provide answers and hope through real life stories. This is a recap of one such story of a small boy named Ethan Hallmark who has become an involuntary hero.

Just like any other family, four kids and yet Ethan makes it different. Rather than being a normal kid that hates school. He looks forward to it because he doesn’t get to go that often. He has become an inspiration to those around him.

Ethan has symptomatic cancer, the cancer has spread throughout Ethan Hallmarkhis body. He has tumors throughout his bones and organs that finger out throughout. He has had about 100 days of radiation to combat the cancer. At age 13 he celebrates his moms birthday as he gets radiation.

He faces his life with a unrelinquished lack of fear. He has become closer to God along his journey. He became the one that prayed and he has led his friends to Christ. His friends see Ethan as a symbol that God is not dead.

The pain started in his stomach, they ordered a CT scan. Ethan’s doctor was visibly shaken when he had to deliver the news to Ethan’s mom. Ethan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and because of his aged the odds are not in his favor.

“If I cried enough God would make the tumor go away.”

Ethan’s friends fear that if Ethan was to die they would stop believing in God because He killed their friend. They know he is going to a better place but it would be hard to handle.

I am going to allow you to be with him, and every day is a blessing. Science says he will not beat the disease, but they should take comfort that he has led others to Christ.

Ethan’s father began to question God and how this could happen to his son. During the struggle for the “Why ?”  Sometimes God’s voice is distant and you don’t know if you hear it. This time it was crystal clear “how dare you question my love for him? He is only your son temporarily, he is my son forever.” He never asked him again, how could he?

Many are the Wonders of Ethan

Their family unlike many others that experience cancer thrives rather than breaks apart. The Hallmark’s prove that even through the worst of times we can lean on our faith.

Hundreds of community members surround Ethan as he prepared for his I am Second chair testimony. They cover him in prayers and lift him up in courage. Ethan shares the story of beads of courage that all have a story, over 400 hundred of them.

Ethan shares how his life changed, how baseball and school would never be the same. He was diagnosed with cancer and after several bouts of radiation, surgery. He struggled as anyone would as he did not want to go through this.

One day he came to the decision of no more treatment. He no longer wants to live through the pain. He found the true love of God through his friends and family.

To see Ethan’s full story go to Ethan’s Story if you would like to learn more about what it means to live second go to I am Second’s website for more information.

Now its your turn: Do you know someone who inspires you, comment below to share the story and inspire others.

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  1. Ethan’s story is heartwarming but thought provoking as well. How strong really is our faith that when things don’t go our way, or when we lose someone or something valuable, we can still say that God is good?

    I’m blessed to be surrounded by unassuming yet inspiring good people in my life. They are too many to mention but I always say that among my many blessings, relationships are the greatest.

  2. whoa what a story.. a very strong child, and he has to go through all of these hard decisions.. that should never be..

  3. What an amazing story, this child is unbelievably strong.