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11 Fishing Lessons of Leadership

Imagine a day on the water, a crisp cool breeze in the air. The smell of salt-laden air penetrates your soul. You have been looking forward to this taste of fishing paradise all week.

As men we look forward to being one with the sea. A few hours on a boat can remedy almost anything that ails, at least temporarily. Fishing lessonsBonding with the rod and reel we become one with the fish at sea.

While many enjoy the time on the water for what it is, a sanctuary of freedom. I could not help but garner some lessons as my skin baked in the sun. Lessons that were plain as the tide was a rising.

1.) It’s not about the fish – as leaders we are guided to lead others to success. This can mean we forego our own big catch of success to help others.
2.) Change with the tide – both fish and business ebbs and flows with the current. We as leaders must adjust our strategies to accommodate changes.
3.) Different Bait – every fish and every person is unique. Just because you caught Reds the last time on live shrimp does not mean you will today. It is not a cookie cutter world, we must adapt as we lead.
4.) Small fish big fight – as with fish, people can be deceiving. You may be leading a group towards success and as soon as they get near the goal they run. Even a small fish can put up a good fight.
5.) Use the tides – most fish naturally will use the current to their advantage. As leaders we too should swim downstream with the current rather than upstream with little gain.

6.) Leave the hook – in fishing sometimes the fish swallows the hook. We must choose to leave the hook or kill the fish. It is better to live to fight another day. Cut the line, leave the bait and try again.
7.) Catch and Release – in the sport of fishing, many fish get tossed back in. Some are not big enough to keep. Others are not worth the fuss. As a leader we at times must release those that are not ready. Sometimes they lack the maturity. Other time they just simply are not worth the fuss.
8.) Change your approach – at times a fishing hole no longer has fish. We must be willing to move on and try new fishing spots. As a leader we can become comfortable and complacent. In order to maintain success we must go where the fish are.
9.) Be calm and quiet – fish will not follow the bait if there is danger. Being on the water we have the opportunity to just ‘be’. We need to be able to just be quiet and enjoy God’s creation. Noise is not always necessary, talking to talk does not garner success.
10.) Last cast – there comes a time when a fisherman knows to call it quits. Whether the fish are not biting or the tides have turned. Once the sun dwindles into its final sundown. Leaders too need to walk away. There is a time to stop and leave it for another day.
11.) Without a net – there are some fish that are just too big for one man. Whether they will break the line or rod to try to land. A net is needed to lift the heavy load. As a leader we need to be able to ask for help. When the load is too heavy, there are others to share its weight.

A fantastic day of fishing, with so many varieties of fish to count. We ended up with a couple of keepers different from our goal. You see it was never about the fish that day, it rarely ever is.

Now its your turn: Do you have any great fish stories about the one that got away? Feel free to comment below

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Charles is a Christian, husband and father of fur-kids who shares his walk with others in hopes to help other's along the way.