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10 Ways in Becoming a Christian Man

As a man or should I say as a male we have this vision of adulthood. We believe there is a coming of age when we become a man. Believe it or not there is not a right of passage that makes us into a Christian man. There are things we can do as Christian males that can expedite our journey into being a man. Sure you can always go slay a giant like David did to become a man. Then again did he really become a man? With the infidelity and acting like a child after the battle that is hard to define. Fortunately we are not bound to customs like some other countries in the journey to manhood. You could always have to do a walkabout for 6 months as an Aborigine. Better yet you could be subjected to bloodletting or scarring to become a man. However many boys believe that to become a man all that requires is to be able to shoot a gun. Maybe to be a man it is to add another notch to the ragged head-board. So many boys believe they become men through one conquest or another. As a Christian man it is much easier or maybe better yet more difficult to become a man. Rather than proving ourselves through pain or adolescent games and behavior. To become a Christian man involves greater yet worthy sacrifice. This does not come by age or lineage but by behavior and character. Here are a few steps men or should I […]