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10 Ways in Becoming a Christian Man

Christian Man

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As a man or should I say as a male we have this vision of adulthood. We believe there is a coming of age when we become a man. Believe it or not there is not a right of passage that makes us into a Christian man.

There are things we can do as Christian males that can expedite our journey into being a man. Sure you can always go slay a giant like David did to become a man. Then again did he really become a man? With the infidelity and acting like a child after the battle that is hard to define.

Fortunately we are not bound to customs like some other countries in the journey to manhood. You could always have to do a walkabout for 6 months as an Aborigine. Better yet you could be subjected to bloodletting or scarring to become a man.

However many boys believe that to become a man all that requires is to be able to shoot a gun. Maybe to be a man it is to add another notch to the ragged head-board. So many boys believe they become men through one conquest or another.

As a Christian man it is much easier or maybe better yet more difficult to become a man. Rather than proving ourselves through pain or adolescent games and behavior. To become a Christian man involves greater yet worthy sacrifice.

This does not come by age or lineage but by behavior and character. Here are a few steps men or should I say boys of all ages can take to becoming a Christian man.

1. Lead with spiritual maturity – whether you come from a family like the Cleavers or one that is broken like is common on T.V. No matter what your past is, it does not define your future. It is time to step up and lead by faith not by sight. Spend time daily in the Word to learn what real men do.

2.Personal Responsibility – As a man, unlike a boy you not only are held accountable for your behavior but you own it. Gone are the days of pointing fingers and shirking responsibility. To be a Christian man, a Godly man you must hold yourself to a higher regard and standard. Scripture defines many responsibilities upon a man, step up and own them.

3. Economic Maturity – As a man you must make choices that may not appear to be fun or cool. We cannot afford to squander our resources for boyish foolishness. When you go to work, you work for His glory. You earn not only money, but more than that you own respect when you can overcome the careless behaviors of immaturity. It may be popular to earn money and buy expensive toys. A Christian man understand that money can become a god and in stewardship comes maturity.

4.Physically Able – Unless you have been blessed with an illness or disability your physicality is important. As men we are made to put on God’s armor and protect our families. We need to take care of our health and strength so that we can defend our loved ones. In today’s world we will be attacked from all sides. You are given strength and courage as a Christian man, use it.

5.Sexual Fidelity – Many boys think if they can have sex that makes them a man. Sex is not a tool to be used as a maturity factor. A Christian man protects not only his body but his mind and eyes from wandering. When you commit yourself to your wife you are forgoing pornography and fornication that keeps so many men behaving like boys. You respect yourself and your wife to remain pure in your marriage.

“Life isn’t easy when you leave the boys to become a man.” – Clayton Jennings

6.Being Morally Fit – In the business world men are challenged by other men. This is not a challenge that sharpens iron, but rather one that attacks our morals. Boys in suits will talk around the water-cooler about their weekend conquest. Boys will lack the moral courage to walk away from inappropriate conversations or behavior. A Christian man is willing to lead by example. They are the ones that will take to the higher moral ground in hopes that others may follow.

7.Ethical Decisions – When we are children deciding between right and wrong there was always the gray area we liked to play in. As a man you will be challenged at work and in the community where the same decisions are made. A Christian man has an internal compass that points to the right decisions. They make decisions and accept the consequences and acknowledge any wrong doing. This man trusts God in their decision-making, and will travel the higher road, even if it is alone.

8. Verbal Achievement – As kids we use slang and improper language. In fact there are still many adults that do the same. Our words can be like daggers and inflict pain and heartache. If we want to become a Christian man we must learn to control our vocabulary. We must learn to conquer our fears and be able to stand up and talk before groups. By overcoming the natural fight or flight tendency we grew up with as boys, we become men. When we are able to withstand verbal attacks without losing our temper, then and only then can we begin to grow into being a man.

9.Constantly Learning – A man is only as good as the knowledge he possesses. As boys we went to school because we had to. A Christian man continues to grow his knowledge because he wants to. The more we read the better chances we have to succeed. Granted we are only as successful as the books we read so guard your mind and what you put in it.

10.Social Growth – Gone are the days of social immaturity where telling a dirty joke makes you the king of the crowd. A Christian man owns every room that they walk into with the confidence of Christian truth behind them. We have become the leaders of our communities, churches and businesses and require faithfulness and courage to lead the charge. As a man we respect ourselves, our wives and our families as we model for others what a Christian man is supposed to be.

If we follow all not just some of the guidelines above along with the grace of God we stand a chance at becoming a Christian man. As men we are looked to guide and lead our families and communities, it is time to stand up, step up and take ownership as a Christian man.

I would love to hear your tips, lessons learned and thoughts of your journey either as a Christian man or the battle of trying to raise one. Share your comments below and together we can build the boys of today into Christian men tomorrow.

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  1. Really great post with some serious things to consider. Thanks, Charles.