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Album Review – Lately by Alice Summers

Alice Summers Lately

Lately by Alice Summers – A music Review

As a music aficionado I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming artists with a new sound. I recently had the fortune to be able to preview the newly released album Behind the Noise by Alice Summers. Disclaimer Alice Summers provided the album “Lately” free of charge for review.

So let’s dive right into the track list of the album that should be added to your play-list.

For the Rainy Days – starts out with an upbeat almost country-like guitar and is a prayer of thankfulness. The song takes us through mistakes and missteps and yet finding the smile as it is His path not ours. The song of gratitude can make anyone’s bad day a bit brighter while it points us to Him.

“A flower never grows if the Sun is all it knows.”

This is Grace – A slower tempo song of reassurance through Grace. Alice’s beautiful voice is displayed with precise emotion in this song of God’s Grace.

Under the Shadow – Possibly my favorite track on the album, Alice’s prayer to provide comfort through darkness and overcoming of fear. Under the shadow of His wings we are able to find peace through trusting Him to be our refuge.

Rock of Ages – No this is not the musical , much better in my opinion, a beautiful ballad of redemption through our baptism and the age of life. May we find healing until our last breath through the cross. It takes the listener through the journey of life and the rock that we are able to rely on that was promised in His word.

The Lie – “you’re not good enough” , “you are better than your neighbor” we all cling to these lies we are told. We surrender to the lie if only we knew better. This is one of those songs that will pull on the heartstrings of anyone that has ever allowed lies to be believed.

Lately – A personal journey of reflection and the way we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we let go of the hand that leads. Rather than being the hands and feet we turn away as if He moved and left us behind. This song of repentance is one that any Christian would be able to relate to.

The Truth Is – the artist takes you on a journey in figuring out that the masquerade many follow is mask. once we find out that being ourselves and in turn giving in the truth is well the truth is love.

I Wait – feel like you’ve been discarded, like you’ve always been alone, as if you were never wanted. Tells of how if we fall into God’s arms with our brokenness we shall find rest.

Behind the Noise – Starts off with the sounds of a Spanish guitar, this song really reflects Alice’s vocal control and range. We spend our lives lost in the noise and miss the moments that came to us in a whisper.

“Behind the noise there is only one still small voice not competing for attention, if we ever pause to listen what will we hear?”

What I Would Do For You – touching song written as the voice of Jesus and God himself of the sacrifice they would do. This final track is just as great as the first and makes the listener put the album on repeat.

Links to pick up a copy today for yourself and a friend.

Artist Website  (Listen before you buy)

Amazon mp3: 


CD Universe:

KKbox Taiwan

Would love to hear what you think so if you have a chance to listen to Alice Summers album leave your comments below:

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4 Replies

  1. Good review. I have never heard her music. I will have to check iTunes to check her out.

  2. I had a listen and I like her. I’d never heard of Alice Summers.

  3. I need to go turn on RAINY DAYS right now! 🙂

  4. I’m blown away by her voice and love the message in her songs. Thanks for the great review, I am always on the look out for great Christian artists.