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Why a Photo Shoot should be done right

If you are anything like I am, you would rather have a root canal than go to a photo shoot. OK, maybe not to that extreme but close enough.

A couple of months ago I bid on a photo shoot silent auction item at a local fundraiser for First Coast No More Homeless Pets. Mainly bid on it out of feeling it was for a good cause not because I wanted to have my picture taken. Little did I know why a photo shoot should be done right.

Either way, I am sure it is obvious by now that we did in fact get the photo shoot, which was by the way for a family sitting. Family has differing definitions to different people. Our sable photo shootfamily consists of the adopted, rescued four-legged kind rather than you normal 2.5 screaming kids kind. It just so happens the photographer specializes in our kind of family.

After some procrastination on my part and persistence on the part of the wife of the photographer we finally scheduled our photo shoot sitting. We decided on the convincing of the photographer to include our entire family in the photo shoot. Currently out ‘entire’ family consists of 2 dogs and well a cat, and not your normal everyday cat but a real sourpuss.

The day of the photo shoot we loaded up our three fur kids and headed across town. After about a thirty minute drive accompanied by the soundtrack of a wailing unhappy cat we arrived for the photo shoot.

A little stressed but no worse for wear we were graciously invited into the photographers home for the photo  shoot. A bit skeptical on how the kids would behave (especially the now bobo photo shootreally unhappy cat) we went to start the photo shoot. The photographer was very patient with getting the dogs and cat as well as me to pose in different positions to ensure the best shot. He got both the dogs and cat’s attention by making noises and using toys.

goldie photo shootIn a matter of about forty-five minutes we were done. We were a little flustered and overwhelmed with all the pets shenanigans but were assured that they had some great shots. About a week later we went back to review the pictures from the photo shoot. I was blown away at some of the great shots that captured the true essence of our kids. To have all three actually looking at the camera with genuine expressions was incredible.

We picked our choices of photos and the photographer went to work.  A couple of weeks and a few emails later we went back to pick out the frames for the pictures. Finally we had a finished product that included a family portrait, a wall folio of the three kids as well as some 5 x 7’s, a couple of head-shots and a fantastic throw. Our first photo shoot as an entire family was complete and well I personally can attest that even with the cat scratches it was worth it.

So if you have ever considered having a photo shoot, I can attest that hiring a professional photographer is worth it. We have had pictures taken over the years at places like Olan Mills and other ‘photographers’ and while the pictures were okay, they were not great. If you happen to live in the Northeast Florida region, or somewhere they would be willing to travel, I can recommend a photographer that brings years of experience and skill to make your photo shoot a treasured memory for years to come.

Check out Joseph Photography and tell Michael and Karen that I sent you, you will be happy you did.

family photo shoot


 I look forward to sharing my head shot in an upcoming change to my platform and theme on this blog site as well, very soon.

Have you had an experience you would like to share with a photo shoot, or a photographer? Join the conversation below by sharing your thoughts as well.



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7 Replies

  1. We had a shoot for my sons party, and it was such a great experience to know a pro was able to make our day come alive.

    1. If I had known the difference a pro would make, would have done this sooner! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The picture turned out great! I am getting a headshot today, so I know what you mean about wanting to put it off, lol.

  3. Great picture! We have had a professional photographer for the last 3 or 4 family photos. Huge difference!

    1. Absolutely.. they made the whole experience enjoyable and the results speak for themselves.