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Why We Have to Take a Stand

The time to take a stand is now. Like many communities in America since the recession began my hometown has been plagued with a disease. This disease has eroded the city from its core. What was once a friendly big city with a small town feel has become a place where crime and fear has taken over. We can no longer turn on the news or even listen to the radio without being bombarded with evil. It has become common to hear about shooting in our schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. Our country is becoming overrun by a callous society that has not dignity or respect for life. Every day we read about someone’s child being shot and killed. It has become normal for robberies and home invasions to control the headlines. We naturally get angry at all the violence. We talk about how this and that must be done. Yet we stand by on the sidelines and allow it to breach the headlines. Our first instinct is to lock our doors, arm our wives with shotguns and live in fear. We spend hours at the gun ranges to regain our masculinity and teach our wives to shoot at paper targets. Yet the crimes still happen, the breaking news reports become more frequent. When does it all end, when do we as men take a stand. The victims are no longer faceless from some other town. Soon we will attend the funeral of a friend or child that we knew as well. When does it come time […]

10 Leadership Quotes

I am an avid reader of books especially those that have leadership quotes that are of benefit to myself and those around me.  Generally my book choices consist of motivational, self-help, faith-based and leadership.  Sometimes the books consist of all of these and more.  When reading I look for great original quotes that I can journal as well as share with others.  photo credit: marierleslie via photopin cc    Here are 10 Leadership Quotes from books recently read. People lose their way when they lose their why. Conversely, people find their way when they connect with their why. – Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt Click To Tweet Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. -Og Mandino @theoggroup Click To Tweet Change is your friend not your foe, change is a brilliant opportunity to grow. – Simon T. Bailey @SimonTBailey Click To Tweet Leadership is not just about what you do but what you can inspire, encourage and empower others to do. – Jon Gordon @JonGordon11 Click To Tweet You don’t need a plan; you just need to be present. – Bob Goff @BobGoff Click To Tweet Praise without specifics can be worse than no praise at all. – Joel Manby @JoelManby Click To Tweet Wake up and write. It doesn’t matter what it is, just write whatever comes to mind. – Jeffrey Gitomer @Gitomer Click To Tweet Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good – Malcolm Gladwell Click To Tweet […]

How About A Cup of Iron

A Man’s Journey in a Coffee Shop and a cup of Iron to share. Pull up a seat, let’s talk for a while. I‘ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can sit a spell. We all need to take a moment and pause, Everyone has a story inside us to tell. As men, we are not keen on sharing, We are not the ones to open up to each other. The weather, our jobs even what is on ESPN, Those are the things we talk about as men. It is not normal for men to talk about failure, Shortcomings are off the table, our ego intervenes. It is not manly or masculine to discuss these things, Let’s talk about nothing and go our separate ways. So how are things, you and the wife doing okay? Always one word answers like ‘fine’ or ‘yeah’, Deep down you want to talk about your troubles. Who would ever want to listen about your struggles, Instead you hide in your shame and everything is okay. We are not alone in the walk that we choose to take, Everyone falls and skins their knees or their pride. Just because we are men does not mean we are fake, You will always be alone until you open up and try. There is a code of silence a bro code of sorts. Nothing leaves this table except for two friends, No matter what is shared and the stories told. We are here for each other to help mend fences. Let […]