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Persecuted – A Movie Review

Imagine a world where you are being persecuted for your faith. A world where the government controls the messages of faith and rather than abolishing religion it seeks out to unify all religions under one common order.  In doing so the government persecutes any that go against their new world order. That means Christians, Muslims, Jews all are forced to worship openly and publicly therefore granting access to everyone, even the government. In the movie Persecuted, James Remar stars as an evangelist by the name of John Luther, a former alcoholic and drug addict that turned his life around to the Lord.  He created an evangelical ministry that had an enormous following and therefore were a threat to the governments plan if they were not on board.  Luther of course refuses to side with the Faith and Fairness Act that his Senator friend majority leader (Bruce Davidson) is promoting. Through the course of the movie, Luther is framed for the assault and murder of  a sixteen year old girl in order to remove the opposition to the legislation.  This bill promises to protect religion and yet underlying allows the government full access to all religions they suspect may be part of terrorist activities , granted this sounds harmless but i turn would destroy the fabric this country was founded on. Luther chooses to run and hide and fight for proof to clear his name.  With the help of his father (Fred Dalton Thompson) who plays  a Catholic priest, whom the secret service assassinated when he uncovers […]

Heaven is For Real – A Movie Review

As many of you have noticed there have been a number of faith-based movies that have come out of Hollywood over the past few months.  The movie Heaven is for Real is another installment in the Hollywood minority that are not afraid to share with the world their beliefs. The movie is an adaptation of the 2010 book written by Todd Burpo  about his family and their four-year old child Colton that has the opportunity to visit Heaven and come back and share his story. Colton played by Connor Corum is the  cutest four-year that has hit the big screen in many years.  He is smart kid and I even turned to my wife and commented “he’s just four” as some of the conversations he had with his dad Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear) were a lot more than you would expect.  Then again I don’t know too many that have been to Heaven either. Colton get’s very sick and ends up needing an appendectomy, while he was in surgery he had a ‘out of body’ experience.  He did not die which was challenging for some of the cynics for we all think you have to die to go to Heaven.  Yet the things he saw and the people he met would make almost anyone a believer and well watch the movie and find out. Todd Burpo is a pastor at a small church in Nebraska.  Having a child that was near death and comes back to talk about it would be challenging for anyone.  Being a preacher in […]