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Tough Questions to Reveal You Care

As men we care for our homes in our own way, may just not be the right way. As a man we can think that life is going great and then are blindsided by the truth at home. We get so busy with work, deadlines, and keeping a busy schedule that we fail at everything. It is like we work so hard at getting things done we get nothing done that is needed. If we take a moment and evaluate our lives, are we really doing the right things? I know this means actually taking the time to stop, listen to the silence and hear the truth. Many times the truth is our truth not the real truth that the rest of the world sees. “It is not titles that make men illustrious, but men who make titles illustrious.” – Machiavelli  We brag about our accomplishments, we feel good when the bills are paid and when things are going right. We focus on what we good we have done or how well we finished a difficult project at work. Yet we leave our homes, not our houses but our homes undone. This does not mean the yard as it is mowed and trimmed. The hedges have been pruned the grass is watered so everything is looking good. You sit down to a home cooked meal every night so things are even better. Your house is tidy yet your home is still a wreck. As men we get busy in ‘our world’ of taking care of things, […]

6 Ways to Pray for Our Families

Pray like you mean it, pray as you believe it, pray as they need it. As men we have an outstanding opportunity to lead our families by our prayer life. There are some simple steps we can take to not only pray for but bless our family during our daily walk. 1.) Pray first thing in the morning – Take the moments while the house is silent and no one else is awake.  Take a walk or get on your knees and thank God for the blessings in your life and to protect your family throughout the day as you are apart. 2.) Commute your way prayerfully – Whether you drive, carpool, ride the bus or walk to work you can talk to God along the way.  Talk to him like he is there with you (because he is) have a conversation.  Confess your weaknesses and pray for his blessing over your family. What better time to pray than when we are challenged the most in the rush hour traffic of our day. “Work as if you were to live a hundred years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow.” – Benjamin Franklin Click To Tweet 3.) Take moments to breathe and pray – We tend to get busy with our work that everything else starts to slip.  We owe it to ourselves to keep our eyes on Christ throughout the day and focus prayerfully.  When we have a moment between a meeting or during your walk to the water cooler, pause and pray.  Be […]