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Thermostat or Thermometer

This past Sunday at church I got a little fired up! Fired up in a good way that is.  The sermon was on the differences between being a thermostat and a thermometer in your spiritual walk. This is an old adage that I think is deserving a revisit from time to time. We all know that a thermostat controls the temperature whether for your air handler or under the hood of your car.  Meanwhile a thermometer merely reflects or measures hot or cold with no controls. My question for you is ‘do you influence or control the tone in your life or do you simply react and measure the ups and downs?’ Our thermostats in our homes have been working overtime lately with all the weather changes. Are you working just as hard to influence your house as well?  What about at work, in the community or even at church? Many of us act as thermometers where we gauge our surroundings and allow them to dictate out moods and behavior.  If our work is stressing us out, or our home life is in shambles so are we.  Rather than being a leader that inspires others we become irritable and difficult and thereby diminish others’ trust in us. Being a leader that works as a thermostat, you have the opportunity to check the temperature and make necessary adjustments.  This type of leader is caring and aware of the mood or temperature and with their finger on the pulse is able to adjust accordingly. The purpose of […]

No holds all the power

One of the most powerful sentences is ‘No’ Many of us are weak when it comes to saying ‘no’ to someone else’s request. We are afraid that it might: Hurt their feelings Embarrass them Offend them Upset them Disappoint them Anger them Noticing a trend there?  It seems that the lack of use is all about ‘them.’  Where do we draw the line and accept the fact that we are no longer going to be someone else’s doormat?  How many times have you bought something you really didn’t want just to make the other person happy, or at least quit selling?  Anyone that owns a timeshare, unnecessary appliance or kitchen ware bought at a trade show, or owns something that you never used and regret buying; raise your hand.  Feel silly raising your hand by yourself as you read this don’t you? The answer is ‘no’ even though you just said ‘yes’ to yourself. We are told ‘no’ all of our lives, well most of us without the exceptionally blessed that well, probably are not reading this anyway.  Whether you try to get a loan, job, ask someone out, had an idea, were ever a kid you have become accustomed to hearing ‘no’ just not saying ‘no.’ Instead, we would rather suffer in silence than ruffle the feathers of someone else’s world.  We bend over backwards to make others happy without realizing it, much less the right intention.  The path of least resistance seems to be the easier to take.  It is easier to over […]

Faith at Work in Progress

  Is it a challenge to be a Christian in the workplace? Many people hide their faith and beliefs at work as they are terrified of being ostracized, picked on or possibly even fired.  Why should we be ashamed of the one thing that gets many of us through the day? Now I am not saying that we need to be Bible beating witnesses that preach to our co-workers and have a crucifix on our desk.  We all need to be sensitive to the religion and beliefs of others that may differ than ours.  I am sure it would probably bother you if someone adorned their desk with fish, peace signs and Stars of David as well. However, our actions can be a reflection of our faith even if our cross is hidden beneath the collar of our shirt. Personally, I have found if you treat others with humble generosity, and are polite and polite, faith will shine through.  Whether it is through simple gestures that many associate with being chivalrous such as opening doors for others, waiting for others to enter or exit a room or elevator.  Maybe you quietly bow your head and bless your food before you eat in the cafeteria, a potluck even when you eat alone at your desk. You know what you believe and you can be the mirror that shines and brightens someone else’s day without saying a word.  Do you say ‘Bless you’ if a co-worker sneezes?  What if they are an atheist do you still bless them?  Of […]