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10 Things Learned While in Haiti on Mission

Haiti children

The last few posts have chronicled the journey both physically and emotionally that I recently took to Haiti. While in Canaan, Haiti there were some takeaways that anyone going or thinking about going on a mission trip should consider. These are lessons that I wish someone had shared with me in detail before stepping on the plane. Mission work is for everyone – Whether you do work over seas or at home, we can all benefit from mission work. You not only help those you go to serve but in turn they help you become the person you were designed to be. You will never be the same – as cliché as that sounds it’s true. You will see and do things that will change you. You will have your heart-broken and rebuilt in a new way. The pure innocent joy through those you meet will change your mind and heart. The one that is served is you – sure you went there to make a difference. Maybe it was to build a school, share some clothes or food. Perhaps it was even the gospel,  whatever your purpose you will come away more blessed than you could ever provide to them. The children of Haiti only wanted to know that we cared. They are not as unhappy as you may think. – Just because they don’t have what you have. It doesn’t make them less, in fact it makes them more. They find pure happiness even in the simple things we all take for granted.  You will […]

When it’s Time to Leave the Sidelines and Get in the Game

 Many of us prepare to watch the games, prepare our fantasy drafts, not realizing when it’s time to leave the sidelines and get in the game. Life however is not a spectator sport. The grandstands are temporary seats until you are ready to get into the game. Sheer passion drives us out of our seats and onto the field. Watching from the sidelines is not enough, we want to be picking grass and dirt out of our teeth. Many of us allow fear to keep us off the field. We would rather play Monday morning quarterback, complaining about the way our life ends up. I challenge each of you to dust off your cleats and get into the game. Whether it is your career that needs some new strategic plays designed. Perhaps you feel compelled to volunteer at your church or a local nonprofit. Whatever it may be it is time to put your pads on and get on the field. When you design your next play and watch enough film of your opponent you can win. Maybe you have been out of practice for a while after being laid off. Or you have suffered a season ending injury. There is always a new season for an envisioned comeback. Even some of the most veteran players can make incredible recoveries when they set their minds and passion towards their goal. Sometimes, I feel like one who is on the sidelines, who has missed life itself. ~Nelson Mandela Click To Tweet Numerous people remain in the […]

How to Separate the Disciple From the Christian

Much discussion has occurred lately on the flaws of Christians and how many of us behave towards others.

How to Separate the Disciples From the ChristiansPeople fly under the label of being ‘Christian’ as if it is an excuse to behave poorly. They have become judge and jury for those that step out of alignment with their beliefs. Holding themselves to a set of laws that were written thousands of years ago and adapted them to meet their needs and to be able to admonish others while condoning their own behavior.

I recently listened to the first two parts of an ongoing podcast series by Andy Stanley. The podcast titled ‘Christian:Brand Recognition’ tugged at my own heart. Over the past several months I have had an internal debate that at times has been vocalized. Feeling frustrated with my Christian brethren that claim to be disciples yet did not behave ‘Christian.’

A bit disenfranchised with the behavior of Christians as of late, I began to wonder. How can people who call themselves Christians be so hateful? We have become judgmental, homophobic and sometimes even worse. Standing high on our pillars we cast a disparaging eye on those that don’t meet our expectations.

I frequently am reminded of the quote attributed to Ghandi many years ago “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” These are powerful words spoken about a people who claim to be followers of Christ.

Is this really what being a Christian is supposed to be about? Maybe I am not so much a Christian as I hoped to be?